How to Keep Your Laptop Optimized

Whether you’re an avid gamer or you work from home, it is important to keep your laptop in good condition if you want to be able to benefit from it and keep it working for long-term use. Once you have had your laptop for a while, you may find that the battery is draining fast, or it is less responsive than it used to be. 

If this is the case, here are some top tips on how to keep your laptop optimized. 

#1 Keep your software up to date 

Software updates often come at the most frustrating times, perhaps you’re on a gaming streak with your friends, watching a new movie or in a conference call, which means it usually gets put off for another time. However, it is important to update your software when the opportunity arises, as it is vital for the health of your device, cyber security, and digital safety. Software updates are sent out because they are updating your device, and this could be to repair any security holes, remove or fix bugs, and help reduce the risk of your device to software vulnerabilities. It can also provide you with new features, and well-needed updates to existing ones. Keeping your software up-to-date can assist in a smoother and more efficient device. 

#2 Declutter your device

It is likely that over the years you have accumulated many documents, software downloads, and applications on your device. Cutting down on all the clutter means your laptop will run a lot more efficiently, and can even extend your laptop’s life span. Head to the control panel and remove and uninstall all the programs that you do not use/want anymore. Back up any old files you want to keep and remove the ones you don’t want or any duplicate files. Be sure to empty your recycle bin once you have finished, as that can hold onto several gigabytes that are eating up your storage and load time. 

#3 Clean your hardware

Cleaning up your laptop in terms of software, files and updates are vital, but so is cleaning the hardware. This part is often neglected but can make a huge difference to the performance, and longevity of your device. Over time, a lot of grime and dust can build up on your hardware, particularly between the keyboard and vents, and interfere with the workings of your device. Make sure you unplug everything from electrical sockets and take some time to deep clean your device and accessories. You may be able to purchase specialist cleaning supplies. Alternatively, a duster and damp cloth will do just as good a job. Regularly clearing your laptop will ensure it runs smoothly and for longer because it will reduce the risk of malfunctioning or overheating while protecting your device, and its value, much longer. Replacing or upgrading components can be costly, so looking after it can save you money too. 

Once you have cleaned and optimized your laptop, inside and out, you will find it performs much better when gaming or working.

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