4 Cool Ways To Earn Money From Online Gaming

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With over 2.5 billion people enjoying different gaming experiences, no one can deny the increasing popularity of online gaming. While the primary goal of video games is to make you unwind and relax, it has become an opportunity to earn some cash while playing or even carve out a good career path. Of the numerous ways to make extra money, playing video games is probably one of the best ways. So, do you love playing video games? Do you love making money? Then here are some ways to earn cash by playing video games. 

1. Get paid to stream live

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Today, almost anyone can stream their gameplay in real-time for others to see. Platforms like Youtube and Twitch have countless videos and live sessions of several online gamers recording their games in live sessions. You can also take advantage of this to earn some extra cash. Start by building a large audience or following to make you attractive enough to monetize through ads placements. You can also seek donations from your loyal fanbase in return for regular content. 

But you also need to ensure that you have a good setup to enhance your streaming process. Start by picking a good VPS provider for live streaming. You might also want to consider a cheap VPS service provider that will put any extra financial burden on you.

2. Start a career as a game developer

If you don’t prefer being an online gaming superstar, another option is to start a career as a game developer. If you have coding skills(or intend to learn), this may be a great career opportunity for you, especially with how the gaming community continues to grow. You can either join a game developing company or set up a business developing games independently. 

3. Opt for a career testing new video games

If coding isn’t one of your strengths, you can find a career by testing games for game companies instead. This job is similar to reviewing games (new ones and already-existing games). The most important thing here is to build credibility as a gamer with in-depth knowledge and skill in various gameplays. When testing a new game, you also need to know what makes a great game and what to look out for. One way to boost your credibility as a video game tester and attract clients is to showcase your gaming skills and knowledge through podcasts, review articles, blogs, and live streams. 

4. Take part in competitive gaming

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The gaming world has come a long way, from just playing against friends and family at home. Today, you can sign up to participate in various gaming competitions locally and worldwide. Gaming giants like EA sports have the EA Sports FIFA Global series that brings together the best players worldwide to compete for some mouthwatering cash prizes. You can take the time to research local competitions around you and how to take part. 

You know how the saying goes: “Do what you love and the money would come.” So, if you love games, consider these gaming career options to make good money and enjoy doing so. 

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