Our Favourite Honkai: Star Rail Easter Eggs (So Far)

Honkai: Star Rail has been out for less than a week and there’s only one thing everyone has been talking about: references, references, references. From direct nods to other Hoyoverse franchises, to meta-commentaries on the garbage tax policies in Belebog, players have been finding hidden gems in every line of the game’s dialogue. Here are some of our favourites so far, and where to find them.

The Traveller’s Wing Glider from Genshin Impact

One of the first places the player gets to explore is the Herta Space Station, where you can find many artifacts on display in the Storage Zone. The first floor Storage Zone specifically contains references to other Hoyoverse franchises including the Traveller’s Wing Glider from Genshin Impact.

Paimon’s Warning from Genshin Impact

Another reference from Genshin Impact, albeit a more annoying one, is this warning that appears when you interact with the Blockade Line in Belebog’s Administrative District. Loyal Genshin players will surely hear Paimon’s voice in their heads when they stumble upon this easter egg.

Himeko’s Broken Sword from Honkai Impact 3rd

Back in the first floor Storage Zone is where you’ll find this Honkai Impact 3rd reference. Players have taken this as a strong hint that Himeko in Honkai: Star Rail and Honkai Impact 3rd are the same character, especially since a different dialogue plays if you interact with the artifact as Himeko herself.

Pela’s Phone Case from Tears of Themis

While each character in Honkai: Star Rail has their own phone in the game, Pela’s phone case features four male characters and a rose that looks more than familiar. Does this make Tears of Themis a canon mobile game in the Honkai: Star Rail universe? We hope so.

The Trash Can Dialogues in Belebog

Honkai: Star Rail may have a thing for trash, but their dialogue lines certainly aren’t trashy. Our favourite one is a callback to the early days of the internet, but there are plenty more ranging from political commentary to character lore — and even fanfiction! As a bonus, if you open all the trash cans in Belebog, you’ll receive a special profile picture and achievement.

Superman’s Phone Booth in Belebog

If there’s anything we learned so far, make sure to click on everything. For example, interacting with this phone booth in Belebog brings up a familiar one-liner about transforming into a superhero. You can also find other movie references throughout the game, including La La Land and Fight Club.

Which easter eggs have you found in Honkai: Star Rail so far? Tag @themagicrainmy and share your favourites with us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and TikTok!

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