Epulze & Predator Presents DOTA 2 Open Tournament

Calling all esports enthusiasts: our friends at Epulze is back with yet another Dota 2 tournament! This time, they have partnered up with Acer Predator to host the LEVEL UP KL Esports Open 2020: DOTA 2, happening on the 28-29 November at LEVEL UP KL 2020: PLAY DAY.

Here’s How The Tournament Works:

The tournament will be a single-elimination bracket, which features a total prize pool of RM3,000 and 15 Predator Peripheral Devices up for grabs! The tournament is absolutely free to join with a maximum capacity of 64 participating teams.

Participants will be playing in Captains Mode on the Singapore server throughout all the matches. As for eligibility, it is only open to Malaysians which players have to join as a team of 3 or 5.

Excluding the Semi-finals and finals which will be a Best of 3 respectively, the winners of all the other rounds will be determined through Best of 1 matches. Here is a breakdown of the schedule:

28 November 2020 (Saturday) at 14:00 GMT+08:00:

  • The first round will start, continuing with matches until the Semi-Finalists are determined.

29 November 2020 (Sunday) at 14:00 GMT+08:00:

  • The Upper Semi-finals will commence;
  • The Lower Semi-finals will follow right after the Upper Semi-finals;
  • After that will be the match to determine the third place winner;
  • And lastly, it will end with the Grand Finals.

Any More Details To Take Note Of?

Yes! As it’s a fully-automated tournament, participants have to download the latest patch beforehand and also ensure that they are playing on a Steam account that is synced with their Epulze account.

Participants are also required to join the lobby within 5 minutes, failing to do so will result in a definite loss. Besides that, participants are able to take a 3 minute break before proceeding to the next round.

With the attractive prizes and free-registration gimmick, the LEVEL UP KL Esports Open 2020: DOTA 2 is definitely worth participating in! Sign up here before all the slots are taken!

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