‘Chasing The Unseen’ Is A Surreal, Colossal Climbing Experience

If you’re a fan of Shadow of the Colossus, you’re not alone. Matthieu Fiorilli, the creative mind behind the one-person studio Strange Shift, has vivid memories of climbing the first boss in Shadow of the Colossus. Inspired by this old memory and armed with knowledge from his career in visual effects, he set out to create Chasing the Unseen.

Chasing The Unseen is a single-player adventure platformer focused on exploration and climbing. You play as a young boy left to his own devices in a surreal world, where he must find what he is seeking amidst abstract environments and colossal creatures.

The levels in this game combine fractal geometry and other techniques, creating appealing and maze-like landscapes for the player to traverse through climbing and parachuting. However, the world can be challenging and disorienting, and discovering the right path can become a puzzle in itself.

The key is climbing the colossal creatures in the world around you. From a giant flying octopus to a massive green snake, the player can walk and climb on them, and use your little parachute to help you out when you fall. Chasing The Unseen looks to combine the surreal wonder of Shadow of the Colossus with the atmospheric experience of Journey and Jusant for an unmissable indie experience.

The game arrives on Steam on March 7th.

Wishlist or buy Chasing The Unseen on Steam, and top up your Steam Wallet on Codashop.

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