Celebrate Halloween with AniManGaki: Enter At Your Own Risk ft. Genshin Impact

Looking for something to do this Halloween? You’re in luck, ’cause our friends at AniManGaki are planning something special, featuring the popular open-world game – Genshin Impact!

First, What is Genshin Impact?

For those who are out of the loop, Genshin Impact is an open-world, action role-playing game developed & published by video game development and animation studio miHoYo. The game has seen massive success in just one year, with over 5.28 million downloads globally and many awards under its belt. With cool characters, beautiful visuals and amazing music, it is highly popular among many teens and adults.

So, What is the Event About?

AniManGaki’s Genshin Impact-themed Halloween event will be 2 weeks long, happening from 29th Oct to 12th Nov 2021. The event will feature a total of 3 online competitions, a varsity challenge, and art marketplace, plus a 2-hour livestream that’s available for public view on AniManGaki’s Facebook and YouTube pages at 8pm (GMT+08:00) on 12th November 2021 (Friday).

Amongst the variety of competitions, you can choose to participate in:

Geek Chef Cooking Competition

Don’t you just start drooling whenever you see the food in Genshin Impact and wish it was real? Well, now it’s your chance to make that dream into reality! Channel your inner chef and cook up some delicious dishes from the game such as those tasty looking Golden Shrimp Balls. Talented baker Keem will be the featured judge for this master chef competition!

Put your name down if you think you are up for the challenge before 3rd November, 11.59pm (GMT+08:00) : https://www.animangaki.com/genshin-impact/geek-chef/

Art Competition

It’s time for your inner artist to shine! Channel your creativity and create your own Genshin Impact masterpiece to win amazing prizes! Kendy from Kendylife will be judging all your artworks so be sure to give it your all.

Feel free to register here before 5th November, 11.59pm (GMT+08:00): https://www.animangaki.com/genshin-impact/art-competition/

No Budget Cosplay Competition

No money to fund your dream cosplays? Then the No Budget Cosplay Competition is for you, where participants are required to cosplay with only random household items! Featured cosplayer Rikka Blurhound will be the guest judge for this innovative challenge.

Register now, think out of the box and see how creative you can be with just your everyday items: https://www.animangaki.com/genshin-impact/no-budget-cosplay/ [before 4th November, 11.59pm (GMT+08:00)]

Varsity Challenge

For this category, university students may participate in teams of three representing their clubs for a chance to win additional prizes.

Each and everyone of the team members must join one of the three competitions. Points are collected based on the rankings in both the judges’ & public voting to win, where a high ranking for both will allow you to win.

You can register your team here before 3rd November, 11.59pm (GMT+08:00): https://bit.ly/AMGVarsity


Other Activities

  1. Art Marketplace – Shop for anime merchandise online through 30 talented individual artist booths.
  2. Lucky Draw – Perform missions for a chance to win prizes on the official AniManGaki website.
  3. Public Voting – Vote for your favourite competition entries.
  4. 2 hour livestream – Scheduled on 12th November 2021 (Friday) at 8pm (GMT+08:00) @ AniManGaki’s Facebook, and YouTube

What are the Prizes?

There are many exciting prizes that await you, such as:

For the Competitions

1st place: RM550 value (RM350 cash & RM200 in-kind)
2nd place: RM350 value (RM250 cash & RM100 in-kind)
3rd place: RM200 value (RM150 cash & RM50 in-kind)
Crowd favourite: RM200 value (RM100 cash & RM100 in-kind)
5x consolation prizes: RM100 value (RM50 cash & RM50 in-kind)
Remaining contestants: RM30 in-kind

For Varsity Challenge

1st place: RM500 value (RM300 cash & RM200 in-kind)
2nd place: RM300 value (RM200 cash & RM100 in-kind)
3rd place: RM200 value (RM150 cash & RM50 in-kind)

What are you waiting for? Head over to the official AniManGaki: Enter At Your Own Risk ft. Genshin Impact event page to learn more!

You can also support AniManGaki here:

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