Independent Virtual YouTuber HØRI 07 Officially Joins MyHolo TV!

MyHolo TV would like to officially announce that the family of talents under ‘MonstarZ’ generation is growing once more!

Holding true to the company’s vision “To connect the worldwide community with Japan’s Anime & Virtual YouTubers culture through our multi-language Idol Virtual YouTuber from various countries”, MyHolo TV will be welcoming HØRI 07, an Independent Virtual YouTuber from Thailand into the family on 1st November 2021.

Introducing HØRI ホリ07!

Name: HØRI ホリ07
Type: Humanoid

Main Costume

Casual Hoodie

Little HØRI


Specialized in investigation, HØRI 07 was send to the past to investigate a space time anomaly. However, due to an interference during the time transfer, she loss her memories regarding her mission and only retained the basic information of herself and functionalities. Left with no choice and stranded in the past, she decided to make a living through music and similar creative arts while waiting for help from her allies

HØRI will be debuting on 1st November 2021 (Monday) on her official YouTube at 8:00pm (GMT+07:00) / 9:00pm (GMT+08:00).

You can follow HØRI and her creators here:

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