A Daily Life Series, Featuring nEt4ward

It’s never easy for an artist to get discovered for their own personal style and art. Acknowledging this, the Magic Rain Team sets out on a search to provide a platform for artists to showcase their artwork and talents.

The first of these features a series of GIFs by nEt4ward a.k.a Ren, a student currently studying in University of the West of England.

What we really like about the series is how the movement of GIFs correlate with the stunning visuals, enhancing the delivery of the story and meaning the artist intends to portray. Enjoy!


A Daily Life Series

Life is precious. Despite this, for most of us about 90% of the world around us go unnoticed as we’re constantly caught up with the same 10% we choose to focus on. The message that I want to share with this series of paintings is that it’s the simple, little things that go unnoticed; that most people never bother looking for, is beautiful.

This series is inspired by “Cinemagraph” and the short film “Ohaiyo” directed by Satoshi Kon. I love how he portrayed the little things in such a interesting and beautiful way.

These designs are available as postcards for those interested in supporting by purchasing a small dose of daily life. You can contact him to know more at net4ward.art@gmail.com

Interested in knowing more about nEt4ward? Check out more of his work here.

Want to submit artwork of your own? Drop us an email on chermaine@themagicrain.com with your name, the title of your artwork, its description, and any additional details.

Do bear in mind that all submissions will go through a stringent screening process to ensure that all content are of adequate quality.

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