THE MAGIC RAIN @ Project: Meido 007 – Moe Moe Kyun 3

Last week, on the 8th of May, THE MAGIC RAIN had the opportunity to attend a newly announced maid cafe, one of the first ones since the pandemic restrictions were lifted. So who better to send than a person who has never actually been to one?

Project Meido: 007 – Moe Moe Kyun 3 was held at Kraft Dining Cafe, located within the Kiaraville Condominium area, just south of Solaris Mont Kiara. The cafe lasted for an entire day, split into 3 sessions, with the first session happening at 11am, and the last session ending at 7pm.

I had the opportunity to attend the 11am session alone, so armed with a phone camera and absolutely no idea of what to expect, I jumped in.

The Pre-Flight Checks

Before I was allowed entry into the cafe, the usual pandemic SOP was still in effect, with all patrons needing to take an RTK test and wait 15 minutes for the results before being allowed to enter and find my seat. Afterwards, everyone was given a goodie bag, filled with a couple of treats and a random polaroid of one of the maids. It’s a cute memento, and the snacks were not half bad as well.

Prior to attending, each patron was required to register beforehand to book a slot (no walk-ins here). Booking a spot involved choosing a time slot, as well as ordering a main dish from the menu, with accompanying drinks. This ensured minimal food wastage, and if you wanted to order extras, you could do so within the venue itself. I went with the standard fare, Japanese Curry Rice and an iced latte. There was no adventuring for me today (though coming here was probably an adventure in and of itself).

The event was fully booked for all 3 sessions, with around 30-35 people per session, which made it a very successful event all things considered.

The Main Event

Once my session started, I entered the cafe to a greeting from all the maids, and was escorted to my seat alongside 2 other people. We got on pretty well, and we were treated to an explanation by one of the maids on how to purchase more food, as well as maid-specific services. The services themselves were standard fare (spoon feeding, a back massage, and a choice to take polaroids or selfies with the maid of your choosing), but each of them were quite pleasant and fun.

Soon my pre-ordered food arrived. It looked appetizing enough and because I hadn’t had breakfast yet, I tucked in immediately. The food was pleasant, as it went down quite easily. However, personally, I found the broccoli to be a little bit out of place, while the cherry tomatoes conversely were a nice addition.


Aside from the aforementioned services provided by the maids, we were also treated to performances from the maids, ranging from singing well-known songs from Japanese media, as well a high-intensity dance show. It served well as entertainment while everyone enjoyed their meals.

While I personally never partook in the services provided, I did see a lot of diners who did, and it seemed to be a fun time for all involved. After I was done with my meal, it was cleaned up quickly and efficiently, which gave me more time to walk around the cafe and soak in the atmosphere.

May be an image of 2 people, people standing and indoor
Image courtesy of Project:Meido


It wouldn’t be a proper maid cafe experience without merchandise and mementos to take home, and aside from the polaroids and selfie services, the maids themselves also had a bunch of merchandise available for purchase. These were mainly photos of the maids, and who wouldn’t want to bring a picture of a cute maid home? Each photo is also signed by the corresponding maids, and depending on whether you’re a fan of them, they seem to be reasonable purchases.


All in all, I had a wonderful time at Moe Moe Kyun 3, and as a first time purveyor of the maid cafe, I can say that my experience was an altogether pleasant one. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of these pop up as Covid restrictions loosen up, and more people get to experience them.

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