Persona 5 Free & Paid DLCs Unveiled and Released!

It’s quite surreal to think that the much-awaited Persona 5, first announced in 2013 and delayed at least twice over the course of 4 years, has finally released.

After a week of silence from Atlus and much doubt from fans, Atlus has finally released Persona 5’s free launch DLCs. The first of which is the much anticipated Japanese audio setting, which you may toggle via the main title configuration screen or by hitting Triangle at your save file after downloading and installing the pack.

The second of which is the Healing Item Set, which will give you precious healing items which you may either keep or sell to give yourself a big early game boost. The third is the Skill Card Set which gives you a massive deck of skill cards, while the fourth and final is the New Difficulty Level Challenge which will surely please hardcore masochists.

On the other hand, Atlus, like a phantom thief in our bank accounts, has also announced 13 DLCs for the game set to release this April and May — all of which are bundles packed with in-game cosmetics, accessories and background music (BGM).

The DLCs range from RM11 to RM29, with one – the Swimsuits set – being free. The rest of the lineup includes items from across the vast Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) and Persona universe, so whether you’re a fan of the timelessly cool Raidou Kuzunoha or the stylishly rustic Yasogami High uniform, there’s sure to be something that tickles your fancy.

Do take note though, as the PS Store has listed separately the very same DLC packs for Japanese and Mandarin copies of the game. These are NOT compatible with the English edition, so double check before you buy!

Nevertheless, here’s a handy list of the newly announced DLCs, sorted according to their origins for those who can’t access Atlus’ website — because we love you and we want to make your sedentary lifestyles doubly so.


Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

18 April            St Hermelin High Costume & BGM


Persona 2

18 April            Seven Sisters High Costume & BGM


Persona 3

11 April            Gekkoukan High Costumes & BGM

11 April            Orpheus & Orpheus Picaro Set

18 April            Thanatos & Thanatos Picaro Set


Persona 4

11 April            Yasogami High Costume & BGM

Izanagi & Izanagi Picaro Set

18 April            Kaguya & Kaguya Picaro Set

25 April            Dancing All Night Costumes & BGM


Persona 5

25 April            Swimsuits



2 May              Costume & BGM


Shin Megami Tensei IV

25 April            Samurai Garb Costume & BGM


Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha

2 May              Student Uniform Costume & BGM


So as you can see, there’s really something for every SMT/Persona fan and whichever pack you choose, you’re in for a visual, audio, and gameplay treat.

If you’re still itching to throw your cash at anything P5-related, Atlus has also released 10 dynamic themes for the PS4 that each comes with a set of PSN avatars and BGM, and boy are they just absolutely gorgeous to look at. Happy shopping!

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