Cosers Confess: Advice From A Veteran

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Dear The Magic Rain team,

I’ve reached a huge milestone in my life. I’m recently got engaged to my best friend, my lover and my cosplay partner. Here’s a fact about me; I’ve been cosplaying for about 13 years now. I cannot express how much cosplay has helped me in my life and I’m so thankful for all the amazing people I’ve met through cosplaying. It has been an amazing journey for me but I think I’ve outgrown this hobby. My hubby and I have decided that it’s time to settle down. I’m sad that I’ll be gone but it’s not good-bye, it’s till next time. I’ll still go to cosplay conventions around my area so I won’t be completely leaving the cosplay scene fully.

I’m not asking for any advice, but instead, I’d like to share my experience and perhaps give advice instead. I remember the first convention I went to… and the next and the next… every time a new one came up I’d plan months ahead, sew my costumes and do my props. It was a place for me to unleash my creativity, to let go and be free… but times have changed and the cosplay scene isn’t how it used to be.

So, I’m writing this message to let everyone know that cosplay is what you make of it. It is for everyone of all ages, races and genders in Malaysia. We have to stop nitpicking on small events/cosplayers and instead give them criticism and support to help them grow. By gossiping or bashing others who are supposedly bad or evil in the cosplaying community without even trying to help them at least once or change them will not change anything and only feed and expand negative energy. (How does doing such make you any different from them?)

Furthermore, younger cosplayers who are stressing out on their costumes not arriving or looking horrible, I want you to take it easy and understand that this is a hobby which is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Take things at your own pace. Enjoy life. Enjoy the people. Make friends. Life is so much more than this. Make memories and treat others the way you want to be treated. Only then, can we change. Only then, we are united. There will come a time where you’ll be done with cosplaying (like how I am right now). It has nothing to do with age. By that time, I wish that you’ll look back on your experience here and smile. ‘Til then, all the best to all cosplayers on their cosplay journey!


Dear A******,

Hey there! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Also, congratulations on your engagement. I wish you happiness and hope that all will go well for you and your new family.


Ms. Scrumptious

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