Anime Fest+ Returns with More Fun and Festivities for Fans

THE MAGIC RAIN recently had the opportunity to visit one of the most highly anticipated events to hit our shores in recent months – Anime Fest+ 2023 at Tropicana Gardens Mall!

Organised by the creative team behind Comic Fiesta, the event made its debut last year, and was successful enough to be expanded into a three-day celebration from the 29th of April to the 1st of May. With various attractions spread across three different levels of the mall, it was truly a sight to behold. Here’s what went down:

Cosplay & Art Market

Located in the centre court and exhibition hall of Tropicana Gardens Mall respectively, the art market and cosplay booths proved to be a hit with visitors, with both being filled to the brim with talented creators selling both fan creations and original pieces.

Fans could buy unique pieces of merchandise inspired by their favourite series, while also supporting creators big and small alike. They were certainly spoiled for choice as there were over a hundred different booths to choose from!

Exhibitor Booths

Upon stepping foot into the exhibition hall, fans would find themselves being greeted by a wide selection of exhibitors’ booths, which ranged from game and animation studios showing off their latest projects, to official retailers who had a variety of anime and videogame merchandise on sale.

Some of our personal highlights included the Honkai Star Rail booth, where fans could not only learn about the latest title from Hoyoverse, but could also meet and take photos with cosplayers of the game’s characters. We also enjoyed getting to try out the Bahasa edition of Cardfight Vanguard through their Learn-to-Play activity, where you could score freebies just by playing a game at the booth.

Stage Attractions

The stage played host to a variety of exciting segments over the course of the event, including not one but two different cosplay competitions. Cosplayers from all over Malaysia came together to show off their skills in the Pose-Off Cosplay Competition and the 60 Seconds of Anything Cosplay Competition. Fans of all ages and interests had their moment to shine, with cosplays ranging from classic characters such as Princess Jasmine and Naruto, to recent hits like Oshi no Ko’s Hoshino Ai.

The fun didn’t end there, as Anime Fest+ also featured some amazing stage performances. Fans were treated to musical performances from local rising stars Ristelle and Rina-Hime, as well as a special Naruto-themed dance showcase presented by Animax + GEM.

If that wasn’t thrilling enough, visitors could also take part in the Table Flip Challenge, a beloved staple of Comic Fiesta’s stage attractions. Fans could test their strength by attempting to fling a table as far as they could – or simply watch the chaos unfold from the sidelines.

VTuber Showcase

Arguably the biggest highlight of Anime Fest+, the event was a treat for VTuber fans as the organizers managed to bring eight different VTubers from around the world under one roof, many of whom were making their first appearances in Malaysia. The festivities kicked off on Saturday with a Q&A session featuring Liliana Vampaia, Liola Lightbringer and Karrot Keromi from MyHolo TV, which led into a fun interactive game segment with Hololive ID’s Anya Melfissa and Kaela Kovalskia.

On Sunday, fans got to enjoy another game session with Hakos Baelz of Hololive EN and Kureji Ollie of Hololive ID – one that came with a spicy twist, as members of the audience were challenged to try food items such as vegemite and wasabi. Finally, the event drew to a close on Monday with a Q&A session from Nijisanji EN’s Alban Knox, where he answered various questions from the audience.

Fans who couldn’t get enough of their favourite VTubers could head over to the interactive screens placed around the event venue, where they could take pictures with the VTubers and even stand a chance to earn prints of them in the process.

All in all, Anime Fest+ 2023 was a fantastic event that gave fans an opportunity to celebrate their favorite shows, characters, and artists. We’re excited to see what Comic Fiesta has in store for their next event!

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