Here’s 7 New Romance Webcomics To Add To Your List

It’s time to cozy up this weekend with a warm cup of tea and a good webcomic. Whether you’re looking for a quick, light-hearted read, or something that will make your heart beat faster, we’ve found some of the best on-going romance webcomics on WEBTOON right now.

1. Lady Liar

Adara, a lower class girl whose only love is money, comes up with the perfect plan to get her dream job: she’ll pretend to be a refined lady to be hired as a companion for a wealthy family. The job seems easy and everybody believes she’s the lady she claims to be… except for one person. Always at risk of being exposed, Adara discovers that surrounding herself with lies and pursuing her dreams with her heart untouched will be harder than she thought.

Read the series on WEBTOON here

2. When Jasy Whistles

In ancient times, people believed that the forests of Paraguay were filled with gods and monsters. Growing up outside of modern Asuncion, Hela never thought much of the old stories. When her best friend disappears, apparently kidnapped by the legendary Jasy Jatere, however, she learns that the old world is not as dead as she had thought.

Read the series on WEBTOON here

3. Daily JoJo

Eunjo is an ordinary office worker who lives by the personal mantra, “There’s always tomorrow!” She’s lazy, messy, and clueless when it comes to looking presentable. Her colleague Wan Jo is the polar opposite. He’s religious about self-care, and particular about his carefully constructed image. But they both have something in common: they’re constantly at war with their past and future selves.

Read the series on WEBTOON here

4. The Blind Prince

Elaine desperately tries to hide the unearthly feathers that riddle her skin, all for the sake of love. But her curse leaves her rejected and trapped behind a wall deep within the forbidden forest. With no way home, her only option is to rely on a Prince determined to reclaim his throne, and his missing eyes.

Read the series on WEBTOON here

5. Match Made In Hell

When tough girl Kylie’s former friend Tristan asks her to the Valentine’s Dance, she knows he must be up to no good. But nothing could prepare her for a figure from the past to return and disrupt the two feuding frenemies. With college prep, school cliques, and a disastrous dance ahead, will sparks fly in their senior year or will they stay a match made in hell?

Read the series on WEBTOON here

6. Daybreak

Marcus has a crush, and Cog is completely unprepared for the hijinks that follow. Hopefully in their efforts to grow closer, they can brighten each other’s day.

Read the series on WEBTOON here

7. The Prince of Southland

Donnie Ali’s shiny reputation is soiled the night he kissed an android, for romantic relationships with droids are deemed too dangerous and forbidden. But after his press release, another potential scandal emerges when he saves Jensen, a man on the run from an unknown assailant. Now living under the same roof, and paparazzi on every corner, could this romance be even more disastrous than his first?

Read the series on WEBTOON here

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