AniMania Festival Makes a Splash at 3 Damansara Mall

From the 14th to 15th of October, 3 Damansara Mall came alive with excitement as crowds of anime, gaming and cosplay enthusiasts gathered to celebrate AniMania Festival! The event brought together fans from all walks of life, offering them a wide range of activities, merchandise and performances to enjoy throughout the weekend.

Here’s what stood out to us:

International Guest Cosplayers

One of AniMania Festival’s biggest draws was the appearance of two highly anticipated guest cosplayers, Baobao and Thames Malerose. Hailing from Hong Kong and Thailand respectively, the internationally renowned cosplayers hosted a panel where they shared their experiences and answered questions submitted by their fans.

Fans who couldn’t get enough could also head over to Thames and Baobao’s booths, where they hosted meet-and-greet sessions and exclusive merchandise sales. The queue for both booths reportedly stretched on for two hours at their peak, showing just how dedicated some fans can be for a chance to meet their idols.

Light & Dark Photography Competition

For those who preferred to stand behind the camera at cosplay events, AniMania Festival had the perfect activity for them as well, in the form of the Light and Dark Photography Competition. Cosplay photographers were invited to submit pictures based on the themes of “light” and “dark”, and were even invited on stage to present their work to an eager audience.

The competition was judged by a panel of seasoned cosplay photographers, namely Alvin a.k.a. Aozora, Alifjam, and Prestonles, who reviewed each submission and gave their expert feedback on creativity, lighting, composition, and more. It not only added to the excitement of the overall event, but also highlighted the many talented photographers in the local cosplay community.

Solo Skit Cosplay Competition

Another highlight from the event was the Solo Skit Cosplay Competition, where participants not only got to show off their beautifully crafted costumes, but their acting skills as well, as they each performed a short skit on the main stage. Featured guest Thames Malerose joined Momo Rex and Bob of the award-winning local cosplay group Team Om for the difficult task of judging every contestant.


Throughout the event, attendees were kept entertained by song and dance performances that brought their favourite anime and videogame soundtracks to life. Performers such as Jei Suzukii, Bellatrix, Trouble Chabow, and even an erhu showcase by Chai Boon Hong lit up the stage and kept the crowd moving with their energetic acts.

Takoyaki Eating Competition

Aside from the cosplay activities, AniMania Festival also featured a Takoyaki Eating Competition, generously sponsored by Haolimkinyao Takoyaki. If you’ve ever had a freshly cooked takoyaki, you’ll know just how challenging it is to bite into one – making the competition a thrill to watch as participants fought to finish as many takoyakis as they could!

Off-Stage Activities

Last but certainly not least were the many booths present at the event, including an artist and cosplay alley where many talented creators got to showcase their creativity through prints, photobooks and other merchandise. The exhibitors’ booths were also bustling with figures and plushies that offered anime fans an opportunity to expand their collections.

Other unique features found on the convention floor included a fighting game showcase by Play Access, where visitors could try out Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles for a small fee, and a photo booth where cosplayers could visit to have a professional picture taken.

With so much to see and experience, AniMania Festival was undoubtedly an interesting event for all who managed to pay it a visit. Be sure to follow Grimmauld Marketing to stay updated on their next event!

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