How Has PC Gaming Changed Over The Years?

PC gaming is a fun pastime for many, and for clear and obvious reasons. Perhaps the most relatable reason is that PC gaming serves as a great time and a very fun hobby to engage in. However, computers also offer a range of benefits, such as customizing your parts and power of each machine, enjoying a range of unique video games in a better-controlled fashion (like shooters and strategy games benefiting from the mouse and keyboard). Not to mention the social aspect, where the whole internet is available to your device in kind.

But PC gaming wasn’t always where it is now. For this reason, we thought it could be interesting to look at a few changes that have taken place over the years, marking just how far the medium and set of platforms have come, and where the future might be going. Without further ado, let’s consider:

Windows Gaming Is No Longer Your Sole Choice

It’s easy to think that windows gaming is ‘where it’s at’ when it comes to choosing a main platform. After all, a large majority of the compatibility and the history of computer gaming emanates, or was at least standardized, from here. But now, Mac and Linux gaming has become a much more popular alternative, where many people find joy in playing from the platform of their choice. So, now might be the time to make sure your device is well-optimized, and you can begin that by checking out some of these tips to declutter your device and make sure it can render the games of your choosing.

PC CD Discs Are Rare/No More

Anyone rejoining the PC gaming market from the late noughties will be surprised to see just how irrelevant CD’s and DVDs are for modern-day gaming. With digital platforms like Steam, Good Old Games, the Epic Store, and even publisher-owned stores like Ubisoft Connect and Rockstar Social Club, there are many ways to find licenses for your games and to add digital copies to your account. Even more than this, third-party sellers tied with those stores may offer you discounts, and in some cases, like with the Humble Store, many combinations of game keys can be implemented in a singular package. It’s quite inspiring to see the difference.

Multi-Platform Online Games Are Now The Norm

Before, you chose the platform you played games on and that was that. PC gamers had some variance in that they could use server browsers to select how they played and exactly who with, or if they even wanted to host their own online space. However, now, it’[s important to note that multi-platform implementation means many games now offer full-spectrum play to all and any platforms. In games like Rocket League, for instance, it’s not uncommon to see people playing with keyboards, controllers, or on consoles, and the servers all work the same. This should be inspiring to anyone who cares about the future of online play, or gaming connectivity in general.

With this advice, you’re sure to see how PC gaming has changed over the years, and will no doubt enjoy some of its better moments yourself.

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