Genshin Impact Version 3.1 Sumeru Desert Walkthrough & Guide

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Genshin Impact’s big 3.1 update is out and ready, featuring a ton of new content in the form of the Sumeru Desert area. It looks lush and beautiful, is filled with Domains and enemies aplenty, and has tons of sand to sink your feet into.

We’ve made a few guides on how to venture through this new part of Sumeru; check it out below:

Genshin Impact Version 3.1 Archon Quest Domain Walkthrough

The Archon Quest called Reams, Emptiness, Deception and its subsequent quest chains are easy to follow: just talk to the right people and head to the locations dictated on the waypoint. You’ll eventually get wrapped up in a thickening plot and have to make your way to the new Desert continent, helping out Cyno< Candace, and Alhaitham in a bunch of quests.

You’ll get to a Domain, which features a few puzzles here and there. Here’s a video walkthrough:

Golden Slumber Quest Guide: Looting Temples & Tombs Hoyoverse Style

Genshin Impact’s 3.1 update has a ton of desert ruins and tombs of old kings for you to explore and adventure in. There’s a lot of loot you can score from these excursions, so it’s worth checking out.

First, head to Aaru Village. Talk to an NPC named Bonifaz. Heis next to a market stall at the foot of the hill where Candace’s house is located.

Bonifaz will say that his friend is missing, along with a team of archaeologists including one named Tirzad. This will start the Golden Slumber quest. You’ll get a bunch of markers on the map via this questline; head to these markers. You’ll end up looping through the general area as you go. You’ll reach a bunch of sand dunes. When prompted, accept the quest to trigger sinkholes. You’ll open up a new area.

Glide down, and you’ll see the Red Desert Threshold. Congrats: you have a new Domain you can teleport to. Then talk to all the NPCs here; you’ll eventually have to lead them to safety through the ruins.  Tirzad will unlock the massive doorway, leading to a bunch of puzzles and an intricate quest item.

You’ll now be in the Abdju Pit ruins. In the first room, you’ll see a matrix robot enemy, a Sacred Seal (Sheep Head), and a device that asks you for your clearance.

After that, head to the Dendroculus and ride the elevator down. You’ll see a Seelie ahead; follow it then you’ll get to another chamber. This puzzle room has three Pyro totems and a spectrum totem that you can’t interact with yet. Oh, and there’s a floating living thing that you need to affect with Elemental Triggers to proceed.

To solve this room’s puzzle, use Electro on the floating thing as it gets close to the spectral totem. This will solidify the totem. If you “killed” it, just use Dendro (ie: Collei or Tighnari, you lucky sod) to get it going. Open the sealed doorway to spot another clearance panel that you can’t use. Then, head down the flight of stairs to pick up the Sacred Seal: Valley item.

Ride the elevator to the top and you’ll interact with a floating construct that looks like Guilty Spark from the Halo series, but Genshin Impact. The construct, called Benben, will light up Tirzad’s device. You’ll be using this device in the game. See, it’s called the Scarlet Sand Slate and you can use it to interact with the many objects and panels in King Deshret’s ruins all over the Sumeru Desert area. You don’t have max clearance level right now, but you can at least go through most of the area you’re in right now.

After that, take the elevator back to the upper floor. Open the door there. Pick up the keystone and stand on top of the ornate slab to spawn a focusing beam.

In the next room, you’ll see a couple of keystones and two plates. Grab one of them at a time to create the objects on each plate. Rotate these so the beams remove the seal. Don’t forget to pick up the Sacred Seal: Giant Serpent tablet that’s there. Then, head to the last room and take out the enemies there.

After that, just follow the marker to head back outside. There will be an NPC and a Seelie to guide you to the exit. And congrats: you’ve completed the Lost In Sands portion of the Golden Slumber quest. We’ll add more quest chains over time.

Cyno Story Quest Walkthrough

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