We’re Obsessed With… Destiny 2, Fortnite and Hyrule Warriors — September 2022

THE MAGIC RAIN is back with our We’re Obsessed With… September 2022 edition! This column is where our writers share their current obsessions; from video games and Anime, to books and TV shows. When it comes to the things you love, there’s only one rule: No holds barred.

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Destiny 2: Season of Plunder

Destiny 2 has always been a game that I play on and off casually. However, since Season 18 was released, I found myself coming back to the game for hours at a time regularly as they released a wave of new additional content alongside reworks of older game mechanics as well as introducing a bunch of new cosmetics including the armour set from the Fortnite x Destiny Collaboration.

The new storyline brings back Mithrax and Spider as the main guides for players as they venture through new pirate-themed activities such as Ketchcrash, a game mode where players invade an opposing pirate ship as well as Expedition which requires players to gather and escort loot to a specific drop point. — Ivan


Imagine a land where the only guns around are the ones on your arms. Nothing but pure muscle and strength. Now imagine a battle royale game set in such a land. That’s what Rumbleverse is, no holds barred, full-contact, pro wrestling battle royale.

That sounds like a chaotic time, and as a matter of fact, it is. Picking up books with cool wrestling moves that you then use on your opponent to KO them shouldn’t sound like much, but boy is it satisfying. Familiar moves such as the giant swing, sumo slaps and powerbombs will keep your opponents guessing. Capping it off with the Superstar mode, that allows you do a massive super move that deals tonnes of damage. There’s just something about it that makes us keep coming back (we’re pretty sure it’s the guns). — Damon

Fortnite Zero Build

Fortnite isn’t a new obsession for me. I picked it up two seasons ago when Epic Games introduced Zero Build mode, and I haven’t been able to put it down since. However, this isn’t the first time Fortnite has had to evolve. From what began as a paid PvE experience developed during an Epic Games game jam, it evolved into a free-to-play Battle Royale to compete against the likes of PUBG back in 2017.

Now in 2022, by getting rid of its biggest barrier to entry — ironically, by taking the “fort” out of Fortnite — the game has once again evolved and achieved a near-impossible feat. They’ve managed to attract a whole new audience for their five-year-old game and convince old players who abandoned the game previously to give it another try. Now tell me, what other competitive game could do this?

Of course, it helps that Fortnite is rolling in the big bucks. The star power in their IP integrations, their voice cast, and the strength of their branding doesn’t come cheap. I could even argue that Fortnite is worth following simply as a marketing case study, but I enjoy it for other reasons too. The game is casual, positive, and doesn’t take itself too seriously; going against everything that has come to define the Battle Royale genre. If that sounds like something you’d like too, well, you already know where to find me. — Nathalie

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

It has been awhile since I picked up a musou styled game to play and lately, time constraints have cornered me to play games that I can only touch and go instead of my usual long form story grind. Gundam Breaker was the last musou style game I played and I loved the grinding aspect of it, mainly because it allowed you to build the unit you want. However, Age of Calamity offers something totally different that I have yet to experience in a musou game – proper impactful storytelling. Set 100 years before the Breath of the Wild instalment, the cornucopia of familiar characters to long standing Zelda fans will surely delight you as you follow the well-paced story beats.

The best thing about Age of Calamity is its varied character gameplay and its various options that opens up after each quest. You will never feel overwhelmed by an ever growing list of side quests and you will have enough options to choose from to maintain gameplay interest. Unlike other musou games where the grind is the game, you don’t have to grind at all to enjoy this game. If you are looking for a short term commitment game with several different playstyles in the musou genre, I’d highly recommend picking this title up. — CM Char

Genshin Impact – Sumeru

It’s probably not surprising that someone would have placed the new 3.0 update of Genshin Impact into this list! As a veteran of Genshin Impact, I was excited when the region, Sumeru was first teased, however, I kept my expectations to the bare minimum. I took my time to finish the entire archon quest, as I was more focused on levelling up the new character (Tighnari) because I wanted him to be at his best as soon as possible.

To not spoil too much of the story, travelers would definitely be intrigued by the story. Many unexpected plot twists, interactive dialogues that actually make you think and piece together information to advance in the quest. TLDR, it was a brain wreck for sure, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

In terms of exploration, it was very refreshing and fun to discover what the new element, Dendro can offer. Upon completing my Tighnari build, I immediately went ahead to test out the new reactions in the Spiral Abyss, and the results were very satisfying. Besides, the new environmental details utilise the Dendro reactions as well, where travelers needed to have certain elements in their party to activate the mechanisms. Overall, I think Hoyoverse did an amazing job with Sumeru and I’m looking forward to what’s to come in the next update! — Dionne

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