Codashop Transforms Gamers into Influencers with New Bounty Hunters Guild

Codashop, the leading source for games and in-game currencies, is hosting the Codashop Bounty Hunters Guild event this October across five countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and India.

50 Codashop influencers will stream and host sessions over three weekends for gamers to compete against them. The twist is that participating players can also team up as a Guild in the game to hunt down each Influencer and unlock community rewards, with more than 4,000 battle passes to win!

On October 18, Codashop’s Most Wanted Influencer list will be announced and local celebrities, including Daddy Hood, Cherizawa, Ffroody, MinORu, and 8bit MAMBA, will have bounties placed on their heads. These targets will suit up in their rarest, most exclusive skins and hide in game sessions from top titles: Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Ragnarok X, Battlegrounds Mobile India, and VALORANT.

To be a bounty hunter, players have to survive the game, track down the Most Wanted Influencer and get a close up screenshot of the rare skin or weapon. All bounty shots can be submitted at; when the Guild collects enough screenshots, the battle passes are unlocked.

“We’re passionate about bringing a new level of play to our users”, said Henry Huang, Global Brand Director. “Through the immersive events of the Bounty Hunters Guild and its Grand Challenge, we want to provide everyday players with ultimate influencer-like access in both games and real life.”

Taking Over Influencers

It’s not only influencer-level skins being won, there’s also influencer-level fame. The Bounty Hunters Guild climaxes with The Grand Challenge, a series of once-in-a-lifetime experience unlocked at the finale for all Codashop fans to enter.

One lucky applicant from each country will get the chance to take over the role of a celebrity influencer and have their experiences played out on social media. For the Philippines, this means getting coached by pro MLBB team NXP Evos to actually be part of their team in a match against Blacklist International!

“Streamers and esports teams are celebrated in gaming. Many of our users aspire to this but it takes a lot of effort, skill, and luck. With these experiences, we hope to give those who haven’t had the opportunity a chance to show off their passion and maybe kickstart a successful future”, said Huang.

Those ready to take their game to the next level can find Bounty Hunt and Grand Challenge
missions at

Next level gaming

This unique influencer collaboration is part of Codashop’s dedication to take gaming to the next level by enabling users to get more creative with their play. Codashop’s digital content shop allows players to bring more of themselves to their favourite game worlds by offering instant access to in-game items and personalization.

What are you waiting for, head over to now!

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