Funimation Casts M’sian Voice Actress in Kageki Shojo Dub

Chan Su Ling, a veteran voice actress (VA) from Malaysia has made history by becoming the very first Malaysian VA to be cast in an American English dub of a major anime series. She is set to voice a few characters in Funimation’s upcoming English dub of Kageki Shojo, a slice-of-life anime about students from a performance arts school.

Su Ling is best known for her starring role as No Straight Roads’ protagonist Mayday, a videogame which was independently developed in Malaysia by indie studio Metronomik. Prior to No Straight Roads, Su Ling has also voiced characters such as Ying from BoBoiBoy and Ms Dira from Rimba Racer, as well as appearing in Malay-language dubs of anime series such as Cardcaptor Sakura and Chibi Maruko-Chan.

About Kageki Shojo

Based on a manga series by Kumiko Saiki, Kageki Shojo is the story of Ai Narata, an idol who was forced to leave the industry after being involved in a scandal with a male fan. Ai swears to never interact with another man ever again, and follows through with her promise by enrolling in the all-female Kouka School of Musical and Theatrical Arts. Although Ai is talented, her cold demeanor alienates her from her new classmates.

However, one person tries to befriend Ai – an eccentric girl named Sarasa Watanabe. Sarasa has a goal of her own: to perform as Lady Oscar in Kouka’s production of The Rose of Versailles. Unfortunately, her outspoken nature causes tensions to rise between her and her classmates, including her roommate, Ai.

Can Sarasa and Ai succeed in their goals to become theater actresses? Watch the series to find out.

We’d like to congratulate Su Ling on this breakout achievement, and we hope that this news will inspire many more Malaysian VAs to enter the global industry!

If you’d like to learn more about her career as a voice actress, be sure to tune in to THE MAGIC RAIN on Twitch on the 19th of October at 10:00PM (GMT+8), where we’ll be interviewing Su Ling on our podcast.

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