5 Best Science Fiction Series On Netflix Right Now

Netflix has become the go-to network cable for watching television series and in the past few years has become one of the juggernauts in producing high quality television series. Here are some of the best Netflix Original Series (not in any particular order) you have to watch to not be left out.

#1. Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon tells the story of an ex-soldier brought back from the “dead” to help a wealthy man solve a murder mystery. The victim of the murder being the wealthy man himself. Although there is some sci-fi mumbo-jumbo and unbelievable technology, the story weaves itself to be believable enough to pull in the audience. The plot is simple to follow, yet mysterious enough for the audience to keep binging episode after episode.

Cyber-Punk is a genre rarely tackled in television, movies or books, but Blade Runner and its sequel 2049 has proven it can be a great genre with its believable dystopian future. As for Altered Carbon, it is a cyber-punk drama done right with its absolutely gorgeous scenes and mysterious characters.

#2. Dare Devil

Daredevil, the man without fear, although failed at the box office, has been brought back from the ashes in this high action Marvel TV series. The series follows Matt Murdock, who was blinded when he was a kid to only discover that his other senses were heightened, then began saving people and becoming the vigilante, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

Marvel movies have been reigning at the box office but has largely been thought to fail on TV with the cancellation of Agent Carter and the falling of viewership for Agents of Shield. But after Netflix took the reign and released Daredevil to surprising success, it slated a few more of the Defenders into their plans.

Daredevil, unlike its movie counterpart, is dark, gritty, violent and more relatable to the real life of the West Side of Manhattan. It’s overall a great television series with a lot of fighting and memorable villains

#3. Stranger Things

Stranger Things is indeed a strange series that delivers great science fiction horror set in the 1980s. Supernatural events occur around the town of Hawkins, Indiana with the disappearance of a young boy and sudden appearance of a young girl with psychic powers. The story revolves around a group of children who investigate the disappearance of their friend and encounter mysterious phenomenon along the way.

Horror is a hard genre to get right in a TV series and science fiction horror, more so. Stranger Things brings in the nostalgia of 80s horror and suspense while breaking new grounds in storytelling. The aesthetics and music of the show does well in bringing back the feel of the 1980s with pinballs, box televisions and going around on bicycles as kids.

This is one of the series that put Netflix Originals on the top and wholly worth the watch. A great and suspenseful series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

#4. Umbrella Academy

Superhero series and movies are the craze in this decade with every television network going for some sort of superhero series. Umbrella Academy is the latest entry in said genre that garnered a lot of hype and attention.

Umbrella Academy is the brainchild of Gerard Way, the lead singer for the band My Chemical Romance, and is a mixture of Doom Patrol and X-Men. It tells a story of a misfit family trying to save the world and is successful in just doing that. Unlike their DC and Marvel counterparts, it differs in its slower pace but highly compelling story.

Even though there aren’t many action scenes and whatever action isn’t flashy, it does contain great story arcs for each of the characters as they evolve for better or worse. A must watch series with a highly anticipated 2nd season.

#5. Santa Clarita Diet

Imagine one day you wake up and crave for human meat as an undead, but still retain your memories and personalities as a human. That is what Sheila Hammond the wife of Joel Hammond has to go through in this dark comedy series as she one day turns into a living zombie. The couple has to cope with their new found curse and balance between a healthy diet and upbringing of their daughter, Abby Hammond.

Santa Clarita Diet is the last entry in this recommended list to watch especially for dark comedy fans. Each scene is funny in its own dark way but somehow delivers the importance of family. It’s a great and unique take on the “zombie” genre by turning it into a dark comedy instead of an action-packed series. Nice to lay back and watch while having a good laugh.

Those are some of the best Netflix Original series that you have to watch to not be left out. They are a great time filler and some of them can even awe you into watching more of the same genre or similar series.

Let us know which one is on your list in the comments below. Until next time!

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