“Men In Black: International” Trailer – Now Comes With The Cast Of “Thor: Ragnarok”

Wait… I feel like I have seen this movie before. 

A spin-off of the critically acclaimed “Men In Black” from 1997, now comes with 100% more “Thor: Ragnarok”. Both Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson team up again to look good in black, kill aliens and protect Earth; not necessarily in that order.

Tessa Thompson plays the new rookie recruit “Agent M” while Chris Hemsworth plays the veteran and the best-of-the-best in the group, “Agent H”. I am sure I have seen this plot before. The trailer starts with Agent M, the new recruit for MIB, being unveiled of all the aliens in the world previously unbeknownst to her. She is then assigned to “Agent H” as his new partner. Together they rid London of menacing aliens that threatened to destroy Earth. I am very sure I have seen this plot before. 

In addition to Tessa and Chris, Liam Neeson plays the head of London “MIB” while Emma Thompson returns to play Agent O, the chief of the “MIB” organization. Much like the original “MIB”, the fans can expect a lot of aliens, futuristic guns and a lot of comedy. Chris has proven that he can play a comedy role in “Thor: Ragnarok” and we will surely be seeing that here in “MIB: International”.

Not the hammer we are expecting Chris Hemsworth to carry

Men In Black: International hits theaters on 14th June 2019.

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