My Hero Academia Season 4 Announced For Fall 2019 Release!

Source: My Hero Academia Wiki Page

It was announced on their official website that “My Hero Academia” will be making a comeback with its fourth season in October 2019! It might be a bit sad to hear that we will have to wait for 10 whole months before we get to see our beloved heroes-in-training again, but the wait will be worth it!

The third season of the anime ended when it was just starting to get good, with the introduction of the Big Three, a glimpse of Nighteye, and the revelation of a new threat from the League of Villains. The new season will pick up from there and cover the Internship Arc of the manga, which is packed with a whole slew of awesome battles and new villains for our heroes and heroines to face. The trailer that was just released yesterday offers us a look into the new season with the themes of growing faith, broken bonds and a chance meeting among the villains flashed out throughout the trailer.

So “My Hero Academia” fans rejoice and await the coming new year! Let us know in the comments below what are you anticipating the most in the upcoming season.

Source: My Hero Academia Official Website


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