THE MAGIC RAIN’s Favourite Female Characters In Fiction

This International Women’s Day, THE MAGIC RAIN’s writers are celebrating the characters that inspire us with their stories and journeys. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite female characters from animation and video games. Check it out!

1. Olivier Mira Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The Northern Wall of Briggs, major general and primary heir of the Armstrong family, Olivier Armstrong is an outstanding beauty with an overwhelming and commanding presence. Dubbed the “Ice Queen” by her subordinates, she is harsh with her subordinates and merciless to her enemies.

She is a very perceptive and adaptive leader that is very decisive and takes her role seriously, which has earned her the undying loyalty of her men as well as the respect of her allies. Despite all of her actions and dislike for weakness, she is a very selfless and caring person who is willing to put her life on the line to protect those who put their trust in her. – Nasser

2. Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender

The last waterbender in the Southern Water Tribe. The only water bender to master all the specialized bending techniques of her elements. The only master to have trained two Avatars in her lifetime. Katara is a master in her arts, has unwavering beliefs, and a woman way ahead in her time.

When she was denied tutelage from the Northern water bending master, she fought him to prove that she is just as capable despite her gender. Not only did she mastered water bending, but she also mastered healing and blood bending. And if that wasn’t enough, she has shown moves in her water bending that comes from earthbending by standing her ground. – Alfred

3. Miss Fortune (a.k.a. Sarah Fortune) from League of Legends

ArtStation - Tales of Runeterra: Bilgewater | “Double-Double Cross”, Tamas  Sarffi

One of League of Legends’ most popular and enduring characters, Sarah Fortune’s carefree, sassy exterior often belies her cunning and ruthless personality. She spent most of her life consumed by revenge against the pirate king Gangplank, who murdered her mother when she was just a child.

After going to great lengths to track down and eventually defeat him, Sarah took his place as the new ruler of Bilgewater — a job that would see her having to use her wits and skill to fend off rival captains, sea monsters, and even an undead army of ghosts. However, her greatest battle lies with herself, as she also struggles with the fear of becoming as heartless as Gangplank once was. – Coles

4. Cithria from Legends of Runeterra

Legends Of Runeterra Is Out Now In Malaysia & SEA | KAKUCHOPUREI.COM

Another character from the League of Legends universe, Cithria was first introduced to players in the cardgame Legends of Runeterra, where her story unfolds across three seperate cards — Cithria of Cloudfield, Vanguard Squire, and Cithria the Bold.

Through the cards’ illustrations and accompanying voicelines, players get to watch her literally level up and grow stronger, as she goes from being a naive rookie to a battle-hardened elite soldier. Though her story might seem simple, it’s no surprise that Cithria has still managed to become a fan-favourite character. After all, who doesn’t love a good underdog story? – Coles

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4. Maki Zenin from Jujutsu Kaisen

Maki left her clan after she was labeled as a “defective” Zenin sorcerer for not being born with any of the clan’s hereditary cursed techniques. She is unable to see curses without special glasses but instead was blessed with superhuman physical abilities, which her clan refuses to acknowledge.

Despite her clan getting in the way of her promotion, Maki has mastered cursed tools to an unparalleled grade and is acknowledged by her peers as a First-Grade sorcerer. Maki left her clan with one promise, to one day return as the clan leader. – Nasser

5. Yennefer of Vengerberg from The Witcher

The Witcher franchise is host to plenty of strong and complex female characters, but at the top of that list is Yennefer of Vengerburg. She is most known for her incredible power and beauty, but she wasn’t always this way. Having suffered a deformed body from birth, she became a sorceress to attain immortality and beauty. In the process, losing the ability to bear children.

Her character is defined by her struggle to reverse her past mistakes, and she learns comes to peace with them when she meets Geralt and Ciri. In falling in love with Geralt, she also becomes a mother to Ciri and is willing to sacrifice anything to protect her from harm. – Nathalie

6. Mereoleona Vermillion from Black Clover

The eldest daughter of the Vermillion family and the captain of the Royal Knights, Mereoleona is a strong, loud, and aggressive short-tempered woman who believes that actions speak louder than words.

Despite being very hostile and harsh, she acts as a motivational figure to her squad and other peers, even those she met for the first time. She respects anyone who wants to get stronger and is willing to put their money where their mouth is and does not judge others based on their upbringings or family backgrounds. – Nasser

7. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

While the anime is filled with fanservice, plot armor and inconsistent magic systems, Erza is one of the icons of female strength to me. She is steadfast in what she believes in and remains strong for her family guild. Despite her harsh childhood, she never let it stop her from being who she truly is. 

She is undeniably strong but she, too, has her moments of weakness. It serves as a reminder to me that while I strive to be strong, it’s okay to cry and be weak. As long as I get back up on my feet and protect what I believe in. – Julia

8. Yona from Akatsuki no Yona

Yona is the epitome of character growth to me. At the start of the anime, she was nothing but a pampered child that only cared about her looks and her crush. However, she changed after her father died and she was chased out of the palace. Seeing her people suffer outside the palace walls changed her for the better, as she now actively tries to make her kingdom a better place with her power and kindness. 

That once powerless and whiny child has now become so independent, mature and even regal. She makes me feel proud of her every time I read the manga. – Julia

9. Elise De Clorance from Doctor Elise

Doctor Elise is the first Korean manhwa I read and Elise taught me how a person can own up to their previous mistakes. Initially, Elise was led to her demise due to her greed, envy, and self-centeredness. When given a second life in modern day Seoul, she dedicated her life to being a surgeon to save others as repentance for her past life’s mistakes. 

However, a freak incident caused her to be brought back to her first life. Despite all that she’s been through, she chose to let it go and create a new path, not only for herself but for others as well. – Julia

Did any of your favourite female characters make the pick? Let us know yours in the comments below, and to all our women out there — happy International Women’s Day!

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