Game of Thrones: Daenerys’ Fate Was Foreshadowed From The Very Beginning

Warning: Major Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

Daenerys has been a beloved character ever since episode one. She has gone through one of the most character growth I have ever seen in a show. She went from a child sold off for an army to The Mother of Dragons and The Breaker of chains. From a helpless child in a foreign land to Khaleesi with an entire army poised to save Westeros from the tyrant that is Cersei Lannister. However, at the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, she has fallen to despair and rise as the Mad Queen.

Daenerys falling into madness is not a popular opinion among fans of the series. Many considered it a betrayal as she has the most upward trajectory in her character growth. Despite all that, there are signs and foreboding visions that she will inherit the madness of her father even from Season 1 and here, we will talk about it.

The Vision in the House of the Undying

In Season 2, Danny’s young dragons are kidnapped by the warlock in Qarth. She is led into the House of the Undying which gave her a vision, entering the throne room of King’s Landing which was in shambles and covered in snow.

She puts her hand on the Iron Throne but was quickly distracted by a sound which led her to her dead husband and son, Rhaego. She eventually snaps out of the vision, but over the years, many have continued to discuss it.

Now, we realize, it might not have been snow but maybe ash. Her fate might have been decided as early as Season 2.

If this plays out the same as her vision, she is not destined to sit on the Iron Throne and she might very well be reunited with Drogo and her son. Is her death imminent at this point?

Bran’s vision

Bran had a vision of a dragon flying over King’s Landing a while back. Back then theories often included the Night King with a dragon of his own or Bran worging into a dragon and taking it over. Even if there was a theory that included Danny, it usually didn’t involve her burning King’s Landing to the ground. No one could fathom the fact that Danny could turn. 

Daenerys descend into madness

While some might consider’s Danny’s madness abrupt, I am here to prove you other wise. It might not have taken a few seasons for her to fall from grace but there surely are signs and it all started with the battle with the Night King.

In that battle, she lost her best soldier, adviser and friend. Ser Jorah Mormont was by her side since the very beginning and have protected her literally till his very last breath.

During the victory feast, it is clearly seen that there was no one celebrating with Daenerys. The focus was always on Jon, despite there being no victory without Danny and her army of unsullied and Dothrak (and that Starbucks cup.) 

She felt unloved and it is in this scene that she realised that she could never be respected and loved on Westeros. These were the people she was trying to win over once she sits on the Iron Throne, and it seemed that she would never get what Jon has from his people.

Daenerys pushes forward and her goal is still the same. To take over King’s Landing and the Iron Throne from Cersei Lannister. Whilst traveling to King’s Landing via sea, her fleet was ambushed by Euron Greyjoy and his Iron Fleet. Euron decimated her fleet with the help of a bigger and stronger Scorpion, a giant crossbow that is designed to slay dragons.

Furthermore, in attempts to rattle Danny, Cersei placed her best friend, Missandei, on the wall and executed her which spurred Danny further in the fall of madness. Missandei’s last words were “Dracarys” which meant “Light them up”. It was not only Danny’s order to her dragons to burn her enemies, but it also a variation of her father’s famous last words, “Burn them all”.

Image result for Daenerys the mad queen

It is at this point, Danny is lost and mourning her best friend. She is not herself and Varys is no longer confident she is worthy of the Iron Throne. He looks elsewhere, towards Jon. This betrayal is next to the last nail in the coffin that spurs Danny to burn down King’s Landing.

After keeping the promise she made to Varys that she will burn him alive if he ever betrays her, Danny attempts to gain affection from Jon. However, he reluctant and this is the point where she lost everything. Her friends, her advisers and now her lover. The scene ends with her saying “Fine, let it be fear”.

I believe this is the turning point for Daenarys. She falls into madness here and she turned into the Mad Queen. With her father being The Mad King, Danny’s fall essentially bring us full circle into the past, burning down Kings Landing just as her father would.

Do you believe this justification holds up or are you just as outraged that they would turn such a beloved character into the final villain? Tell us in the comments below.

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