AMG-Chan 2019, Back For Its Third Year!

As we approach the hot season for a lot of the bigger events in the second half of the year, AMG-Chan was here to jump-start the hot season of ACG (Animation, Comics & Games) events and THE MAGIC RAIN team had the pleasant opportunity to be the media for AMG-Chan.

So what went down in the event that is the little sister (or brother?) to AniManGaki, one of the largest annual ACG events in Malaysia? There’s everything you can expect from ACG events and more!


The one part of an event that most, if not all attendees will love. There were awesome arts, cute merchandise, crafty stuff and everything you may want that involves your favourite character or series. Besides awesome fanmade merchandise and arts, there were plenty of cosplayers booth selling their photobook and prints.

Merchandise of your favourite series are a common thing in ACG events.
You can often get the cosplayer merchandise signed at the cosplayers’ booths.

There were some unique booths as well, such as the SUPA DUPA circus booth which had a magic show going on from time to time, and they made balloon art for attendees as well, which isn’t something you see everyday.

Booths focusing on activites were plentiful as well, there were booths offering free plays for various fighting games like Super Smash, Tekken, Dragonball and so on. Touhou booths were also present in AMG-Chan where you can play some Touhou-inspired table top games or the danmaku PC games. There was even a booth that offered prop-making workshops for cosplay.

There were workshops ongoing throughout the event in some booths


AMG-Chan won’t be complete without its carnival games. While there were definitely less games compared to AniManGaki, but there were the staples such as hitting targets with a Nerf gun and so on.

I guess Jotaro is sick of his Stand’s range being so short.

Stage Highlights

Most ACG events are almost inseparable with their stage performances and competitions. As for AMG-Chan, there seemed to be a huge focus on dance related performances and competition this year. There was the J-Dance competition and a few dance group performances from dance groups like 02 Pro dance group.

Besides awesome dancing, there was also the extremely unique gijinka cosplay competition which featured awesome gijinka cosplays inspired from the Chinese zodiacs such as dragons, rabbits, goats and so on.

Awesome gijinka cosplay featuring intricate and elegant designs.

Of course, there’s also the Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup (C4) competition where pairs of cosplayers performs skit to try and win the heart of the judges to stand a chance to represent Malaysia in C4 cosplay competition at AnimeCon which will be held in the Netherlands.

I personally really liked the stage performances and competitions, as it was a refreshing twist to see a gijinka cosplay competition and so many dance performances. All of those performances were really impressive, I think they could even be professional dancers if they wanted to! Not to mention, the gijinka cosplays were definitely awesome as well, and to think a lot of those cosplays were original, makes the whole competition even more awesome. The C4 Cosplay competition had plenty of awesome performances as well, I especially loved the Broadway-style performance featuring Maleficent and the evil queen from Snow White.


The event was overall a chill event and a good “mini event” to slowly build hype and lead up to one of the biggest ACG event in Malaysia in the 3rd quarter of the year, AniManGaki. While quite poorly lit in some areas, the event hall was big enough to fit all con-goers comfortably. The booths featured awesome merchandise, there are awesome performances on the stage throughout the day, what more could be needed to make an awesome event?

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