Adrienette? Lukanette? Decisions, decisions…

Miraculous Ladybug’s newest episode was released not too long ago and the shipping wars between Marinette, Adrien, Luka and Kagami have begun to emerge from the depths of the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.

Some are torn between AdrienxMarinette, LukaxMarinette, AdrienxKagami and unsurprisingly, AdrienxLuka. Clashing ships are often the source of shipping wars. While some that can get out of hand such as *ehem*Zutara and Kataang*ehem*, others are much more lighthearted.

If you feel conflicted about liking two or more different ships that conflict, I have some good news for you! You clicked on the right article because here, we’ll be discussing each ship between the four said precious beans so you can decide with more clarity. Or you know, you could just ship them all. You do you, my dude. But if you don’t want to have conflicting ships, keep reading!


Adrien and Marinette

The main ship, the power couple but not really couple of the series, is none other than Adrien and Marinette. We all know how Marinette acts around Adrien; she’s terribly shy and nervous when she talks to him, even to the point of stuttering. She’s also mildly obsessed with him, even planning ways to bump into him with the help of her friends (which would be creepy if it happened in real life, let’s be real here.) But otherwise, her crush on Adrien is pure and innocent, putting aside the occasional dramatic intervention when Adrien gets close to anyone Marinette deems competition such as Chloe and Lila.

Adrien, on the other hand, seems fairly neutral towards Marinette. At most, perhaps a slight crush that hasn’t been realised yet. He isn’t too close but he definitely cares enough to want to know what Marinette thinks of Chat Noir. He’s someone that clearly isn’t afraid to say “no” to things he’s uncomfortable with, but he happily put on the bowling hat Marinette designed despite being allergic to feathers. One can argue that he’s just a nice guy but I doubt he’d treated anyone else the same way he treats Marinette. It’s very subtle but it’s definitely there.

Luka and Marinette

This may be a new ship but don’t you underestimate it. There is strong chemistry between these two characters and it’s completely undeniable. Let’s face it – Marinette, being a 14-year-old girl, would obviously want to get with a rebellious looking guy who can play an electric guitar. What kind of 14-year-old doesn’t dream to have a badass-looking punk boyfriend who meditates? I sure did! As it seems, this was love at first sight unlike Marinette and Adrien. Marinette walks into Luka’s room and is immediately captivated whereas her little thing for Adrien started after he lent her his umbrella.

Luka however, was super calm in his first appearance. He lightly teases Marinette because of her stuttering but apologises after he’d seen that she’d gotten a little uncomfortable and flushed. It shows that he’s sensitive towards her feelings and isn’t dense like Adrien. It’s almost as if he was created to be quite the opposite of our beloved kitty boy; Adrien who was raised to be prim and proper and Luka who was raised to be different.

Luka gradually shows interest in Marinette throughout the episode and it’s clear by the end of it that deep feelings may have developed, even though it’s only been a few episodes. After all, to be meta for second, he was created with the intention of becoming Marinette’s love interest.

Adrien and Kagami

This ship is shown in the the episode, Riposte, where Miraculous Ladybug features fencing as a sport. Kagami comes from a family of championship-winning fencers and is a direct rival to Marinette in both fencing and love. Personally, I like her character a lot, and though she doesn’t show much romantic interest in Adrien, Adrien is clearly quite attracted to her. Guess that shows that Adrien is into Asian chicks.

Let’s face it, when Adrien and Marinette are together without their Miraculous bullshit, they’re pretty far apart and you can hardly count their occasional encounters as anything more than dumb luck or being set up by their friends. Adrien in this episode however, actively looks for Kagami after their intense fencing session. Sure, he probably wanted to get things straight but he’d even gotten his bodyguard to chase after her car! Now that’s effort! Almost even out of character for him to do.

It’s pretty obvious that by the end of the episode, Kagami does take interest in Adrien, but not quite in the romantic sense. She acknowledges her newly found friendship and respect for Adrien as a fellow fencer. She accepts his challenge for a decisive match in the end of the episode and all is well.

Luka and Kagami

This is a ship that has such a low chance of happening canonically that we might as well just crack ship this forever and not get our hopes up at all. Kagami constantly gives us hints of what her family is like in Riposte so we know that she comes from a stereotypical East Asian background where our parents have high expectations for us and they take it very seriously.

Luka comes from a fairly chaotic and disorderly background with his mother being overly obsessed with freedom. I cannot for the life of me see how this could work out in both family matters and personality as well. If you believe that for any other reason at all, Luka and Kagami could possibly be paired with each other, let me know in the comments!

Adrien and Luka and Marinette and Kagami

Aha! Something from one fujoshi to another, you know you want this to happen! The idea of having these two ships work out is indeed a sight to be anticipated, but sadly, there is absolutely no chance of these ships being canon simply because Adrien and Marinette will get together eventually. That is just how it is. However, that won’t stop us from seeing how they might work from a technical viewpoint.

With Adrien being cooped up all his life by his father and his need for adventure, I strongly feel that Luka may be just the person that might catch his eye. Luka may not be badass like Ladybug, but damn, he has his attractive points that I bet even Adrien would find alluring. Luka’s attraction to Marinette kinda shows how he could like Adrien the same way as well as Adrien and Marinette are often in the same positions when an Akuma appears. Remember that Luka showed most interest in Marinette when she saved her friends and him as well. I have no doubt that Adrien would do the same.

Marinette and Kagami are a little bit trickier. If I were to see how they’d be a good match from a familial viewpoint, I feel that there would hardly be an issue. Marinette comes from a family that owns a bakery and I doubt that Kagami’s parents would have a problem with it. Kagami is shown to respect the rules a lot along with being very disciplined. Marinette is really just your average girl with super powers but as far as fencing goes, I’m sure that Marinette’s quick reflexes would catch Kagami’s eye. One issue with this would be that Marinette currently sees Kagami is a rival so that’s a bit of a bummer for this ship.

That leads us to the end of this article. Hope this made it at least a little easier for you to decide on which ship you would want to hop on! I really can’t wait to see more of our new characters in the series, especially if they interact. If you have anything to say about this article, feel free to leave it in the comments below!

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