Our Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2018

E3 is upon us once again and this year, there are more games than ever to be excited for. In the wake of various speculations and leaks, it will definitely be interesting to see which were indeed real as well. That being said, here are our more anticipated games of E3 2018.


1. Battlefield V

Continuing from the success of Battlefield 1, DICE announced their brand new game to their series. Battlefield V gives many promising new features such as customizing your character, building covers in-game, dragging fallen teammates for revival and many more exciting new features. Hoping we’ll see more in-depth game play to clarify how the game’s final build would look like during E3.


2. Fallout 76

Bethesda just teased Fallout 76 and released only a few clips for public interpretation. Real excited to see what Bethesda has concocted up this time for this year’s E3. Game play and more insight into the story are most likely what they’re going to show and we honestly can’t wait to see if the rumors of Fallout 76 being an online survival game is true.


3. Kingdom Hearts lll

The anticipation of Kingdom Hearts lll started ages ago in years long past. Since then, many rumors have been speculated about a 3rd installment. After a plethora of Kingdom Hearts games, the story of Sora continues once again. Wonder what other exciting worlds will Square Enix reveal during their E3 presentation. Will Kingdom Hearts lll be more for the fans, or friendlier to people who are new to the series?


4. The Crew 2

Ever since their reveal during E3 2017, fans have been hungry for additional information on The Crew 2. By taking things to new heights literally and an addition of racing by sea, The Crew 2 is promising a lot to fans of the previous installment. Will they focus on the story section of the game during E3 or will they expand further on the open world aspect? Finally, will they get rid of the pay-to-win system present in the previous installment?


5. Death Stranding

After the fallout of Kojima and Konami, Kojima is going all out for his new game Death Stranding. So far, we only have insanely stunning visual trailers. Other than that, we don’t have any concrete answers on what the game play is like or what the story is all about. There are tons of speculation going around over the internet and theories on what Kojima is going to put down on the table this time around. Hopefully he presents some game play for E3 and maybe some more clues of what the premise is really all about. He really kept us waiting, huh?


6. Super Smash Bros.

A ton of people are seriously hyped for the new Super Smash Bros. Fans everywhere lost their marbles when the first teaser came out. Curious to see what Nintendo has to say regarding this game. Definitely anticipating some game play footage and the brand-new character line up for the ever-growing Super Smash Bros roster.


7. Final Fantasy Remake Vll Remake

Another huge announcement that Square Enix is going to reveal during E3. The remake of the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy Vll has gotten fans jittery on when its release date will be. So far, snippets of game play have been shown that it looks similar to Final Fantasy XV. Hopefully they’ll give more insight as to how the game will be like and of course, an actual date for its release.


8. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

With a sudden reveal, Ubisoft confirmed that a new Assassin’s Creed is going to be out. This time it’s set in Ancient Greece. Though we wished it was about feudal Japan, we’re still pretty excited to see what they’ll add on. Is the game play going to be similar to their previous installment, Assassin’s Creed Origins or will they change the entire formula once again?


9. Ghost of Tsushima

Since we aren’t getting a Japanese themed Assassin’s Creed any time soon, this game is most definitely what people are looking forward to. From what the initial teaser revealed, the game’s timeline is during the Mongolian invasion and it’s a revenge story. It will be intriguing how the game play is going to be like. Most definitely it’s going to have an in-depth melee combat system and an importance of stealth game play elements.


10. The Last of Us 2

Of course, how can we not forget about Naughty Dog’s new upcoming game after the huge success that is The Last of Us. So far, the story is a sequel to Ellie’s and Joel’s, several years after the first game. Looking from the past two trailers, the game is in favor for an even more dark and gritty setting. Will they reveal game play footage and a release date? Genuinely can’t wait to see what Naughty Dog is going to reveal.

And that’s it from our end! There definitely more in store for all of us though so be sure to check out E3 and let us know what games you’re chomping at the bit for!

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