Ana’s Bastet Challenge Unlocks New Story & Skin For The Hero – Overwatch

A new mini event has dropped on Overwatch, à la D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge. This time, it’s Ana who’s getting the star treatment with a brand new short story and skin, both named “Bastet”. Named after the Ancient Egyptian lioness warrior goddess, Ana dons the mask of Bastet after reuniting with her thought-to-be-dead best friend, Jack Morrison (Soldier:76). It is in this same short story that Soldier:76 is revealed to be gay, but that’s besides the point.

The Bastet Challenge will be live on Overwatch from the 8th – 21st January 2019 with limited edition cosmetic items available to unlock, including a Bastet player icon, victory pose, and of course, the Ana Bastet skin. Similar to the Nano Cola Challenge, special sprays will also be available to unlock by watching affiliated Overwatch livestreams on Twitch.

Find out more info here or watch the full Bastet Challenge trailer below:

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