GWENT FIX: Black Sabbath!

With the release of the Gwent Arena patch, a number of Gold cars were also added not only into Arena, but also into the Rank format. One such card is Imlerith: Sabbath, a 5 Strength Unit that duels the Highest enemy unit at each turn end, and when he survives, he heals by 2 and gains 2 armor.

This card demands an answer and carry the whole round or game when unanswered properly. It is quite easy to answer since most cards, be it Units or Spells do deal 7 damage. When Imlerith do survive and is buffed in some way, then the game is often over.

It is with this card in mind that I started brewing a deck and climbing the Rank format with the finished deck. Although it is not as consistent or powerful enough with a win ratio of 6:4, it is fun to play, especially when Imlerith surives and buffed to 11 by Mandrake.


Now lets have a look at the deck shall we:


Leader: Eredin Bréacc Glas


1x Royal Decree

1x Imlerith: Sabbath

1x Whispess: Tribute

1x Caranthir Ar-Feiniel


1x Monster’s Nest

1x Mandrake

1x White Forst

1x Iris Von Everec

1x Nithral

1x Frightener


3x Biting Frost

3x Wild Hunt Hound

3x Wild Hunt Drakkar

3x Wild Hunt Rider

1x Reconnaissance

1x Wild Hunt Navigator

1x Slyzard


The deck is the typical Eredin control deck used to win in a long round trough frosting all of your opponent’s row and getting a huge tempo swing with Iris. In my play from previous patches, the deck suffers a lot in short rounds since the deck had no huge tempo swing plays and that is where the Drakkar and Imlerith comes in. Wild Hunt Drakkar boosts all Wild Hunt Units by 1 Strength on the board and any Wild Hunt Units that is played during the turn. Imlerith is a Wild Hunt Unit, thus is boosted by the amount of Drakkar on board when he is played making him possibly a 9 Strength Unit during his first duel.

Other than the addition of Drakkar and Imlerith, Whisppes: Tribute is a must card, being able to pull either Monster Nest and Mandrake when needed. Monster Nest can spawn either a Barbegazi for carry over or a Drowner to pull something into the frost, meanwhile Mandrake can Strengthen Imlerith to 11 Strength or kill opposing non-strengthened Imlerith. Do not play Mandrake on Iris as it will banish her and her ability will not trigger.

Mulligan strategy is simple as you send back any Biting Frost you see first to avoid drawing more and then sending back Mandrake. Slyzard and copies of Drakkar can be sent back as well as they are best kept for the Third Round, while Wild Hunt Rider and Wild Hunt Navigator is sent back depending on your hand. It is best to have at least two Wild Hunt Hounds in your starting hand to start frosting your opponent’s board and thinning your deck of Biting Frost. If you had the bad luck of not drawing your Wild Hunt Hounds, do not worry as Eredin can pull one for you. Eredin is a great and flexible leader that can fit a lot of situations; for instance, Eredin can pull out Wild Hunt Warrior to kill Iris and trigger her ability despite not having any frosts on your opponent’s board.

There is also a lot of other tricks that can be done with the deck when pulled off skilfully. One of it is playing the Silver Spy, the Frightener, when going first and if they pass, you can play Eredin into Wild Hunt Rider to win the round easily. Another trick is to play Iris in a non-frost row and then spawning a Drowner through Monster’s Nest, pulling Iris into the frost and killing it. There are a lot of other tricks that can be found and it is best that you play and test it out yourself.

That’s it for this week’s Gwent Fix and I hope you have lots of fun beating your opponent with a buffed up Imlerith or frosting!

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