What It Takes To Become a Guest Liaison

Becoming an event volunteer is a huge responsibility. With tasks ranging from securing event sponsors and partners to simply setting up tables and chairs, each volunteer helps to make sure the convention runs as smoothly as possible. 

Arguably the most sought-after position for an event volunteer is that of the guest liaison. A guest liaison is tasked with recruiting and assisting an event’s guests—which means spending a lot of time with famous celebrities! The position is so popular that many volunteers specifically request to become liaisons when signing up for events, or leave their designated positions just to stay close to a celebrity. 

However, the truth is becoming a liaison isn’t as easy and as glamorous as it sounds. Let’s take a closer look at an average event for a guest liaison…

Before the Event

During the planning stages of the event, the guest liaison will scout for suitable guests to invite to their convention. It’s not as simple as just sending your favourite celebrities an event invite on Facebook – the liaison will have to deal with negotiating payment and drawing up the guest’s contract and schedule. In the case of an international guest, they will also be responsible for making sure the guest receives the correct permit and visa.

Once the guest is confirmed, the liaison has to keep in contact with them and make sure they pack the right costumes for the event. For example, if they’re required to walk around outdoors, the liaison might recommend for them to bring a lighter outfit. They also have to make sure the guest doesn’t miss their flight because they were busy sewing all night!

As soon as the guest touches down, the liaison will need to safely pick up and deliver them to their hotel, as well as providing necessities like food and a local SIM card. The guest may also be given a tour of the event venue and a rundown of their schedule. Most importantly, the liaison must always be contactable and ready to respond to any questions the guest may have.

During the Event

On the event day itself, the liaison has to do everything they can to make sure the guest is comfortable – including fending off fans who might disturb the guest or interrupt the event’s schedule. They help to ensure the guest’s meet-and-greet session runs smoothly, which can range from stopping fans from taking unauthorised photos, to having to tell their own friends they can’t jump ahead in line for an autograph.

Due to their busy schedules, guests may be tempted to skip meals or ignore any discomfort they might be facing. It’s the liaison’s job to make sure their guest is properly fed and in good health for the duration of the event.

Seasoned liaisons will develop a keen eye for small details that can make their guests’ stay more pleasant. For example, making sure guests in heavy costumes or heels get adequate time to sit down and rest, or packing essentials like a power bank and cable to charge their phones, and even preparing extra bags to store gifts from their fans.

After the Event

Of course, the guest liaison’s job doesn’t end once the event is over. As a token of appreciation, they will often treat the guests to a meal or a tour around the city, which may mean missing out on post-event concerts or parties.

On the following day, the liaison will receive the most important task of all – delivering their guest to the airport! They would need to ensure that the guest has packed all of their belongings, and that they reach the airport in time for their flight. The liaison’s job only officially ends once the guest manages to reach home safe and sound.


Becoming an event guest liaison doesn’t just mean hanging out with your favourite celebrities for the weekend – it also means becoming their personal assistant, driver, tour guide, food reviewer, luggage packer, security guard, entertainer, translator, and so much more. 

As a guest liaison, you should always remember that your guest is a visitor arriving in your country or city for the first time, and you’re their most important contact point at the event. It’s a difficult task, but it’s also a great opportunity that can lead to lasting friendships!

Pictures and notes by Waninoko

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