Star Supa Comic Returns For Their 2nd Edition!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Supa Comic #002!

Taking place in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Star SupaComic returned for the second time with much more in store for ACG fans. The new kid on the block from six months ago returned confidently with more content, more booths and bigger names for Star Supa 2019. How does it stack to their first event? Here’s a list.

Stage Performances, feat. Starlight Sugar & Ola Aphrodite

Starlight Sugar took the stage for the opening event and despite being a newly formed group in Malaysia, they opened with an original song and not a cover; contrary to the strategy that most new groups tend to stick to. Their new song “Menggapai Bintang” wowed the audience and even though the song is in Malay, I can see it being the OP for a number of slice-of-life anime.

For the fans of Ola Aphrodite, she also made her first single performance debut right then at Star Supa Comic. Titled “Baka-Onii-chan”, it was her first on-stage performance since its release in early June. Fans were clearly excited about the on-stage performance as they were singing along like a giant karaoke session.

Master Class with ‘Ejen Ali’ and ‘No Straight Roads’

Often panels in an ACG event are related to cosplays and performance. However, this time, Star Supa brought storytelling to the table. Among all the masterclasses and panels, I have seen, this intrigued me the most as the focus was on the story development.

With heavy-hitters such as Usama Zaid Yasin, the director of the very popular “Ejen Ali”, together with Wan Hazmer and Aidi G.V of Metronomik, responsible for one of the most celebrated Malaysian indie games “No Straight Roads”, this masterclass was not only insightful but also filled with experiences and stories not often told.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang & Tekken 7 Representing E-Sports

With Mobile Legends: Bang Bang taking Malaysia by storm, it is no surprise that Star Supa had an entire section just for the game. This time, they ran a tournament that resulted in Team Todak defeating 5 Red Army for the championship spot. For their efforts, they were awarded six Black Shark 2 phones, Anda Seat gaming chair, 5,800 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang diamond top-ups and a whopping RM7,000 in cold hard cash.

Meanwhile, a Tekken 7 competition heated up with Ahmad Tarmizi Mohamad Fozi and Zarif Aiman Aris battle for the crown and of course, first place. Unfortunately for Zarif Aiman Aris, Ahmad Tarmizi Mohamad Fozi emerged victoriously and nabbed himself a cool RM2,200.

International Cosplay Guests!

Even with all the controversy surrounding international guests recently, Star Supa wasn’t afraid of a little red tape. With their organizational prowess, they managed to secure some top tier international cosplay guests.

Yuegene Fay, a name so popular that her fans would be fanatical even with just a Yuegene cut-out board on the event floor. With her last appearance in Malaysia being five years ago, her fans just couldn’t get enough of Yuegene during her time in Star Supa.

In addition to Yuegene, Thames Malerose also hail from Thailand, along with Ola Aphrodite from Indonesia and Coscat Props from Taiwan were among the well-known cosplayers that were invited to the event.

Stay tuned for our interview with the cosplayers, coming soon!

5 Minute Heroes Ends With A Bang

A household name among ACG event goers, 5 Minute Heroes once again hyped the crowd with their most popular Japanese covers. After a long day, many were ready to pack up and call it a day, but once 5 Minute Heroes stepped on stage, all that energy seemingly came back and the crowd roared.

With all the content that Star Supa Comic managed to curate, it is not possible to share every interesting moment without being long-winded. All I can say is look forward to the next Star Supa event because they’re not going to stop growing.

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