Beginners’ Guide To Attending Tekken 7 Casuals in Malaysia

This article was contributed by the Malaysian Tekken Society.

What are Tekken Casuals?

Tekken Casuals is basically a gathering of a group of players looking to play Tekken 7, a fighting game usually played on the PlayStation 4. Regardless of age or experience, everybody is invited to join even if you’re a student or a working adult; a newbie or an experienced player.

Source: Gamesfusion 2019

Reasons why you should attend Tekken Casuals

1. Knowledge

You simply learn more and improve at a faster rate by attending casuals. The reason being is that during sets, there is usually some form of interaction regardless of whether your opponent is a stranger or not.

2. Not Tilting

You actually don’t feel like killing yourself after losing a game. Seriously, try it for yourself. lol

3. Competitive Players

You get a chance to play with high-level local players and not lose instantly to secret discord techs and setups during tournaments. You will also get to see where you stand in terms of skill level. 

4. Attending Casuals

So you are finally tired of playing Tekken 7 Online and wish to take it to the next level. Fear not, you have definitely come to the right place. Before we begin, there are a few Tekken Casuals misconceptions that you should set aside before reading this article.

Basic Misconceptions / Misunderstandings of Tekken Casuals

1. You need to have a friend to attend Casuals with ✘

This is the one single factor that prevents 80% of new and old players from attending Casuals. This statement is fortunately NOT TRUE. Even when I first started Tekken in 2017, none of my in-real-life friends were into Fighting Games as they were playing mainstream titles such as Dota 2, CS:GO, etc. I did not know anybody in the scene and had to attend it alone. As a matter of fact, 60% of players who attend casuals usually come alone. You have to understand that you are here to play the game just like everybody else. All you have to do is wait for your turn and have fun.

2. I don’t own a PS4 Controller/Arcade Stick ✘

Most Casual spots in Malaysia are located inside a PS4 LAN Shop. All you need to do is provide an entry fee and you are entitled to a PS4 Controller.

3. I play on PC (Steam) and use a keyboard to play Tekken ✘

We got your back. “Gamefusion Casuals” has a Brooke Sniper which allows you to use Keyboard/Nintendo Switch Controller/xBox 360 /xBox One/PS3 controllers with the PS4. Just make sure to ask any of the MTS admins in advance via Facebook before attending.

Venue: Gamesfusion

Gamesfusion is currently the most populated Tekken Gathering spot in Malaysia. You will find players of all skill levels, from beginners all the way to veterans who have been playing for more than 10 years. Gamesfusion is highly recommended to Tekken Players who are attending Casuals for their first time. The reason being is that there is a larger pool of players and it is way more balanced in terms of skill level.

General Info:

  • Fee: RM10 (Covers the whole day + 1 Free drink of your choice)
  • Date: Every Wednesday (11AM – 12AM Midnight)
  • Address: 5b, Nadayu 28 Dagang, Jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Although the store opens at 11AM, Tekken Players will usually only start filling up at 6pm due to working hours. If you come any earlier, it is highly likely that nobody will be in the store.

Once you reach Sunway Nadayu, you would want to lookout for the Gamesfusion Poster located at the entrance of the store. Gamesfusion is located on the 1st floor so you can take the elevator up.

Once you enter the store you will be given an Infinite Carnage card. This is usually used as an indication that you have already paid. You may head for dinner and re-enter the store again as long as you have already paid for the day.

Infinite Carnage Card

Your entry fee comes with a complimentary free drink of your choice (except for monster energy). So once you have made your payment, you may immediately take a drink off the fridge.

On a side note, here are some things to take note of when you attend the Tekken Casuals at Gamesfusion:

Approaching Players

The system of how we usually switch around between players in Gamesfusion is unique. All you simply need to do is approach anyone that you feel like playing and utter these words, “Can I play with you for a few rounds?’ This applies to players who are currently playing and players who are not playing. The success rate of this is at a 100%. But of course, if you see 2 players who have just started playing, be nice and let them play a few rounds before asking.

How to leave during a match

Just say “Last 3 Rounds” anytime when you feel comfortable. It’s as simple as that. Some players feel bad for leaving midway but it is perfectly fine. It’s more fun to play with a variety of people within a night rather than having a 6 hours Deathmatch.

Be You

The two approaches discussed above are just guidelines if you are really unsure as to how to approach players. Just be yourself. You may ask and act however you like. We are not robots and we certainly do not bite. Lastly, have fun. If you are a Tekken Player, you should attend Casuals at least once to have a feel of it. It is a one of a kind experience that is hard to come by especially now that Tekken is experiencing its golden age.


We are fortunate enough to have no issues with this particular subject matter and wish to keep it that way. Be considerate about your cleanliness before attending. Don’t ruin the experience for everyone.

Final Note

This should conclude everything you need to know before attending. Please, please do not come on any other day other than Wednesday. The reason why Gamesfusion is recommended for your first time is that it is way more Tekken-focused compared to other gathering spots.

Gamefusion is also beginner-friendly as the players there tend to engage and interact more with new players. Of course, once you are an expert in Tekken gatherings and wish to go somewhere nearer, only then you should visit other Gathering Spots (links will be given below). Otherwise please reserve your first time experience for Gamesfusion even if it means having to wait for a period of time. You would thank me later. That is all, we hope to see you in the next gathering!


There is free parking available everywhere around this area in general so you do not have to worry. Do note that Gamesfusion is located near Sunway University so finding parking in the afternoon may require you to make a few rounds around this area. The green areas are recommended parking spots as it is closest to Gamesfusion. Do note that these highlighted parking spots are usually only available after 7PM due to working hours.

1. Near the Car/Auto Workshops (Free)

2. Near RockCafe (Free)

3. Sunway Nadayu (Parking Ticket)

Gamesfusion is located inside Sunway Nadayu. There is always an available parking spot here. 


First Hour: RM 1.00
Every Additional Hour: RM 1.00

Daily Maximum Hour: RM 12.00

And that concludes our beginners guide to Tekken Casuals/Gatherings in Malaysia. To be in the loop for any official Tekken tournaments coming your way, constantly check the Tekken 7 MY Tournament Calendar here for more info! As for more gathering spots other than Gamesfusion, follow Infinite Carnage on Facebook for more information.

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