New Cards For Genshin Impact’s Genius Invocation TCG Version 3.7

Greetings TCG lovers travelling the world of Teyvat, Genshin Impact had a huge TCG update with the 3.7 patch and I am beyond ecstatic. We are talking about a massive number of cards being added, with a total of 13 Character Cards, 26 Equipment Cards, 13 Event Cards and 12 Support Cards. It is truly a TCG-focused patch with events related to TCG, and even the patch is being called Duel! The Summoner’s Summit!

Unlike the previous patch, there are just too many cards to go through one by one, so instead, I will be going through the 10 cards that I am the most excited to try out and play, in no specific order. I have to preface that the card evaluations are purely based on my opinion as a TCG player and I have not tried out all of the cards yet.

1. Raiden Shogun

The Archons have arrived and I am most excited for our eternal Electro Empress, Raiden Shogun. Her ES is one of the best Electro Summons there is, dealing 2 Electro damage at the End of Turn. Her Elemental Burst (EM) is the best feature of the card, being a battery that charges the Energy of your other characters and only costs 2 Energy herself. Her passive then lets her charge up her EM’s damage by 1 for each other EM that has been used.

2. Tartaglia

The Eleventh Fatui Harbringer, Tartaglia, or better known as Childe has come to grace the TCG. Like his Character counterpart, he can switch from a Ranged Stance to a Melee Stance with the use of his ES. These stances affect his EM with the Ranged Stance dealing 4 Hydro Damage and reclaiming 2 Energy for himself, while the Melee Stance deals a whopping 7 Hydro Damage. He can outright kill an opposing card with just using his EM, ES and then back to his EM.

3. Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames

An Enemy Character Card from the story and Abyss has caught my interest, the Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames. The Character Card ES and EM is a simple Pyro damage dealing ability with the EM summoning a Darkfire Furnace. It is the passive that caught my eye which grants the Character Card a Fiery Rebirth buff, giving the Character Card the ability to revive once with a caveat. Even the Talent card grants a buff, Aegis of Abyssal Flame to the character once revived is interesting.

4. Tenacity of the Millelith

The first equipment that caught my eye is the Tenacity of the Millelith, a slightly more expensive General’s Ancient Helm. Like the previous equipment, this Helmet also provides 2 Shields at the start of every round but if the Character is attacked, you get 1 Elemental Dice. That is 2 Elemental Dice every round you are attacked twice which is a huge advantage.

5. Vermillion Hereafter

The next equipment on the list is Vermillion Hereafter that provides a discount for Normal Attack and Talent but also provides +1 Damage when another Character switches to the equipped Character. We know weapons are too niche and Artifacts have to be brilliant to deserve a slot in the deck. Vermillion Hereafter is an Artifact that can provide a boost of damage at the right time.

6. The Legend of Vennessa

More Event cards are being added to spice up the TCG decks and the first at attention is The Legend of Vennessa, a reroll and slight ramp in one card which can give a slight edge in providing that additional Normal Attack when you are missing the appropriate Dice. I do wish that it was 3 of Any Elemental Dice instead of 3 of One Type of Elemental Dice.

7. Teyvat Fried Egg

Yes, the card that I am most excited about is a humble Fried Egg. It is meme galore for Genshin Impact all over again as this card will be in every Deck, be it 1 copy or 2. This Fried Egg can prove to be the card that brings Healing and Shield Stall decks to the forefront as it is a card that brings you back to the game if there was any mistakes made.

8. Thunder and Eternity

We have a new type of Event Card being the Location Event Cards, which requires 2 Inazuman Characters to be included into the deck. The first thing I noticed is that the Card has no costs, which either means it requires other type of costs or it is indeed free to play. Whichever it is, the card is a powerful addition to Quicken decks that gives one whole turn to use ES and EM from one Type of character.

9. Vanarana

Lastly are the Support cards and the first I would like to mention is Vanarana, the home of the lovely vegetable of Teyvat. This game is mainly about dice rolls and sometimes, the dice roll just doesn’t go the way you want. This card lets you save up the useless dice for the round and ramp up your next round for a better roll. Like Liben, I believe this card too costs 0 but unlike Liben that saves up your unused dice and ramps only once, I expect this card to be in play for a while.

10. Red Feather Fan

The final card on the list is the Red Feather Fan that is just phenomenal. Every deck is already running 1 copy of Katheryne which converts the first Switch Character Action into a Fast Action. The Red Feather Fan transforms the second Switch Character Action into a Fast Action too but does not cost a die. This card will work in tandem with Katheryne and each deck will want 1 copy of it.

I love TCG and the Genius Invocation TCG is a great addition to my list of TCGs that I play. With this update, the TCG in Genshin Impact is further expanded which is a blessing to me. I hope I have the time to play and collect every single new card that will be available and test them in my decks. Which of these new cards are you most excited about?

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