Our Top 5 Favourite April Fool’s Jokes From Video Games

We love a good prank, and there’s no better day for it than April 1st. Last year, Sonic the Hedgehog won April Fool’s Day with their highly rated murder-mystery visual novel game. This year, plenty more video game studios and publishers jumped in on the joke to “announce” everything from new games to new CEOs?!

Here’s our favourite April Fool’s jokes from video games this year.

1. Goddess of Victory: Nikke Announced Their Sequel Game, DEAD SPICY

Goddess of Victory: Nikke had plenty of jokes in store for April Fool’s this year, but the best one was their sequel game announcement, DEAD SPICY. A parody of the Resident Evil franchise, the announcement came with a 3-minute long and completely 3D rendered gameplay trailer. Is it wrong that we actually want this to be a thing now?

2. Palworld Announced A Spicy Dating Sim

To promote their next game update, Palworld released a trailer for a fake dating sim featuring a yandere Katress and a shy Chillet. With the tagline “more than just pals”, the tweet also jokes about an adult version coming soon.

3. Toge Productions Opened Applications For A New CEO

Indonesia-based developer and publisher Toge Productions posted a fake job application for the position of “CEO + Barista + Detective”. Some of the requirements include having played A Space For The Unbound and Coffee Talk, and having found the One Piece. Who knew hiring for the gaming industry was so competitive these days?

4. Overwatch 2 Introduced Their Most Balanced Update Ever

Poking fun at the conversation surrounding hero balancing, Overwatch 2 announced their most balanced update ever. The new game mode aptly titled “TEMP – APRIL BALANCE PATCH – FINAL_FINAL_FINAL24” features wacky hero adjustments like giant Brigitte and a Torbjorn-turret hybrid. This game mode is now playable from April 1st to 9th, and rewards some pretty hilarious April Fool’s themed sprays.

5. Among Us Released A Very Cursed Long Mode

Among Us, or should we say, Along Us released an extremely cursed game mode to celebrate April Fool’s Day. Available from April 1st to 8th, its new features include a very long neck, a special kill animation, and updated ejection. Also, it kind of makes the crew mate look like a… well… see it for yourself.

BONUS: Discord Introduced Loot Boxes

Not exactly a video game, but definitely video game tangential — Discord introduced Loot Boxes to all of its users today. Each loot box contains a fun reference to popular video game franchises, and if you find all 9 of them, you even get a clown decoration for your Discord profile. It took us 24 boxes to get all 9 drops, what about you?

Did we miss out any of your favourite April Fool’s jokes this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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