Valve Releases The International 2018 Battle Pass for Dota 2

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The Dota 2 Company has launched a new Battle Pass for The International 2018. For those who are unfamiliar, The International is a tournament which is held annually for professional players to compete.This year’s Battle Pass offers a new game mode, new immortal items, new terrain and also an in-game courier. It also provides a card book for players to collect.

The cards are used to make your dream team and predict which professional players would make it to the finals. To those who successfully predict which player enters the finals, they will be rewarded with “Battle Pass Points” which you can use to level up the Battle Pass.

Like every year, Valve has dubbed it “tradition” that 25% of earnings from battle passes will be added to the prize pool of The International. Ever since the release of the battle pass, The prize pool has already grown over $2.5M million which is already $800,000 ahead from last year’s prize pool at the 12 hours mark.

By 7:10AM on 2 June 2018 it already reached $12,371,457 which is $183,315 ahead from last year’s prize pool by 24 days & 1 hours. You can track the prize pool’s growth on the game itself or you can use Cyborgmatt’s Dota 2 Prize pool tracker.

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New Game Mode: The Underhollow

The new game mode introduced in the Battle Pass is the Underhollow. The Underhollow games contain multiple team and a three-player enemy squad. The players are tasked to go through a maze-like level in which the players have to find the Roshan’s rarest cheese called Roshefort. The reward for the winners of the game mode are more Battle Points.

There is also a new ranked role mode which allows you to choose which role you prefer to play in the game. For example, if you’re a hard carry player, you can choose the carry role and they will queue you with other roles like support, mid laner etc.

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New Quest: Cavern Crawl

Last year’s quest were replaced with a new tab which is the Cavern Crawl. Once you complete the quest, players are rewarded with three sets: Legion Commander for carry, Bristleback for tank and Skywrath Mage for support. Wins will unlock further rooms which can unlock the second style for the sets, treasures, Battle Points and items to progress through the maps. Besides these three sets, there is also the chance to unlock the ultimate rare reward – a Jade Baby Roshan.

There’s also a bonus drop from the treasures which is Cosmically Rare – The Emblem Of The Crystal Echelon. Similar to last year’s Sunken Emblem, This item is equipped on every hero and can only be used by one person per team. (The priority goes to the highest level battle pass in the team.)

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The Return of Arcana Vote

Other than that, Battle Pass also offers an “Arcana Vote” section where you can vote for your favourite hero to get themselves a major rework and also give them a Premium Skin which will be on sale on Steam market and Dota 2 Store every year. Last year, Pudge won the vote and got himself an Arcana.

Two of last year’s Emblems are also currently listed on the Steam Community market at a price of $1795.80 USD. If you’re lucky enough you could probably sell them for the same price or even higher. The taunts this year is also very interesting, especially wraith king’s taunt which is like a certain meme.

Have you bought the new battle pass? Do you think this year battle pass is better than before? Let us know what’s your favourite highlight this year in the comments below!

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