Five Reasons Why Amber Is The Best Pyro Archer In Genshin Impact

Disclaimer: This article is 100% factual and not up for debate or discussion.

Genshin Impact has been out for half a month now and ever since its release, there have been a plethora of articles talking about the game’s characters and their rankings.

Of course, as a team-based gacha game, there are going to be many different tier lists based on characters’ elemental affinities, weapons, or even elemental skills spread across Reddit, the games’ websites, and different forums. However, one thing that was common across all the lists is the fact that Amber is a D rank character in every category.

I have been playing the game since it came out and I hit Adventure Rank 36 the other day. Having read two articles from two different websites, I decided that all the other articles are wrong. This article, however, is the result of very intense research and ridiculously depressing hours of gameplay and Intertwined Fate summons.

1. She is FREE!

Source: Genshin Impact YouTube Channel

Yes, I know she has a job. When I said “free” it was in the context of playable characters. As the very first party member you meet, Amber is your main intro to archers and archer mechanics. Moreover, her playstyle is very basic and she complements any team composition in the early game quite well with her skills.

Assuming you do not use any Fates, she will be the go-to archer on your team, as well as the only pyro character, unfortunately.

2. She is a Gliding Champion!

Gliding is one of the most important movement mechanics in the game. From reaching far places from high areas, to doing speed gliding challenges, you’ll need a lot of stamina as the game progresses. Especially if you have not finished levelling up your Geo or Anemo Statue of The Seven, you will need every bit of stamina to make sure you don’t need to redo challenges later.

When it comes to gliding stamina consumption, Venti’s passive, “Windrider” comes to mind. However, Amber also has a passive with the same effects called Gliding Champion, where she decreases all party members’ gliding Stamina Consumption by 20%. This goes to show that the Anemo Archon has nothing on a certified gliding champion with a gliding license.

3. Baron Bunny: Uselessly cute or cutely useful?

Amber (left) and Baron Bunny (right)

Arguably the most useless pyro ability, Baron Bunny is a doll that Amber throws as a decoy. It taunts enemies, and after a certain period of time, it explodes to deal massive pyro damage to its surrounding foes. Baron Bunny is the cutest ability in the game currently, and don’t let it fool you, it does deal significant damage based on its level. You can even shoot it to detonate it, effectively exploding at will, when Amber reaches constellation level 2.

Baron Bunny distracting the Shield Skirmisher

Often regarded as useless, this ability opens up room for many teams that need time to charge abilities or for Amber to use her aimed shots from a safer distance, making it a very good fit for any team, fluffy or not.

4. She has the BEST overall utility

With pyro puzzles, no one is quicker than Amber and her aimed shots which will give you the convenience of finishing the pyro puzzles from a single place without needing to move. This means you could be doing puzzles from a distance prior to engaging an enemy sitting on the puzzle’s treasure, or just opt to take the treasure and run away since you’ve solved the puzzle before coming into the Hilichurls’ range.

Other forms of her utility include the Baron Bunny decoy which will stall enemies for you, Gliding Champion which reduces your glide’s stamina consumption, and her aimed shots that can be used to burn Hilichurls’ shields.

5. She uses ACTUAL ARROWS in her Elemental Burst

That’s it.

The Conclusion

One could argue that reason 5 does not justify why she’s the best Archer, but if you think about it, her elemental burst using her bow and arrows shows how skilled Amber is with her weapon; once again proving that she’s the superior archer compared to Venti and Fischl who just break your heart trying to pull them every day. And with Amber being the ONLY Pyro Archer, it’s no wonder she’s the best one.

Feel free to leave a comment on how this article opened your eyes to the value of Amber below.

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