Suit Up & Dance The Night Away At Ballare

The essence of ACG events never change, where you have the stage performances, the booths, the cosplayer guests and competitions to witness. Among the hustle and bustle of the entire day at a typical ACG event, conversations often becomes a quick “hi and bye” situation. Don’t you think it’s time for a little change of pace?

If you’re looking for a switch in tempo and style, you’re up for the night of your life. Come register for Ballare, an event hosted by Château on the 5th of October held at the HXC Grand Ballroom, ICC Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

What is Ballare?

Ballare is a cosplay event that incorporates both the fun of cosplay and the elegance of ballroom dancing in one hall. It is a formal night event that mixes the essence of both pop culture and elite culture for us to enjoy. A concept that just feels right to mix them together.

It is not very often we get to try ballroom dancing at this time and setting. So it’s a bonus one-night-only cosplay event!

Back Row (Left to Right):  Saber Nero by Dovah, Squall by Akatsuki,  Saber by Eiji, Todoroki by Noaji, Haruka by Jin, Remilia by Tsuyu-Sei
Middle Row (Left to Right): Eren by Yie Zher, Makoto by Reiz 
Front Row (Left to Right): Samatoki by Xan, Syaoran by Elrin,  Mashu by Ristelle 

Ballare introduces to us the concept of hosts as well. Don’t be afraid if you are not familiar with ballroom dancing as the hosts will be teaching how to dance. They will be there to ease us into the concept of ballroom dancing, make us feel comfortable and make the night magical.

Here’s another unique part about them that I like. The hosts consists of cosplayers, but the focus is not on them, but rather the character themselves. So, do not see it as a cosplayer named Akatsuki inviting you to the floor but rather Squall, the best looking guy from Final Fantasy 8 dancing with you.

But remember, no hogging one host to yourself or treating them inappropriately in any way. Bear in mind that they are still people in need of respect.

What can I do at Ballare?

You might be thinking, “So Ballare is just dancing, right?”

Yes, ballroom dancing to be specific, is the main highlight of the night BUT there are other fun and games within Ballare that we can enjoy.

There are tons of mini games and activities prepared to help us break the ice, and not forgetting, a nice buffet dinner to indulge ourselves as we get serenaded by their performance line-up consisting of Trident, Johan, Sandra and William.

There are also gifts and awards to be anticipated as well. One of it being the Dress to Impress Award, an award eligible to any Ballare attendee.

For those new to Ballare, one of their main traditions for the event is the Grand March, a traditional opening ceremony to begin a formal ball. You will be hand-in-hand with a partner, friend, or even the hosts themselves and elegantly march across the ballroom. It is not a complicated routine, so don’t fret about stepping on your partner’s feet. Just follow the couple in front of you!

Not only that, twelve lucky guests regardless of gender will receive the opportunity of the night to make a grand entrance and march alongside one of the hosts. You will be informed via email so do remember to check it frequently a week before the event. (Don’t forget your junk box too!)

But the important thing is to mingle about and socialize! It is a night for all you ladies and gentlemen to sit back and relax. Making new friends, expanding your circle of friends and strengthening the bond with your friends for the night is what Ballare is all about!

What makes Ballare this year better?

Ballare has already been around for 2 years and they have indeed taken your feedback from the past events into consideration. This year, they are back with a bigger cast of hosts, with more female characters joining in. With the new additions, you’ll have a wider variety of hosts to choose from to spend the night with at Ballare.

They have also invited two special international guests this year. The Idolish7 boys from Japan, I mean Singapore!

Furthermore, the new venue, HXC Grand Ballroom @ ICC Pudu, definitely looks the part with it being wider and more luxurious than before. The hall is easily accessible through the lift directly to the top floor from the front entrance or carpark. As an attendee, the parking fee will only cost RM4 for the whole night – a flat rate!

Public transportation is available too. The Pudu LRT station for the Sri Petaling and Ampang Line is a mere 10-minute walk away. However, it is highly encouraged for attendees to book a Grab there.

There is even a free photobooth for attendees to snap unlimited photo strips to commemorate the night. Be sure to take advantage of this privilege as it is open from 6PM to 9PM only.

Things to note:

  • Ballare is strictly a formal event so be conscious on what you will be wearing that night. If you are unsure on what to wear, please do drop the Ballare team a message on their Facebook and they will attend to you. You are allowed to come in cosplay, but do leave your weapons or props at home.
  • You don’t have to necessarily come with a date or partner. This isn’t a night just for couples, but for anyone and everyone seeking for a night of dancing and meeting new friends. Do not be afraid to come alone, the hosts will help you find a partner! Enjoy the experience to the fullest!
  • No walk-ins are allowed. Hence, if you are interested to join this magnificent night, you have up til 30th September to register yourself. The form can be found here.

So what you waiting for? Come register for Ballare on the 5th of October held at the HXC Grand Ballroom, ICC Pudu, Kuala Lumpur!

If you have any questions or pressing concerns, please don’t hesitate to send them an email at or PM them here on their Facebook page.

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