KawaiiCon Luxe 1.0: A Celebration of Festive Fun

On the 3rd and 4th of December 2022, THE MAGIC RAIN had the pleasure of attending KawaiiCon Luxe 1.0 at Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur.

Taking place just a few weeks before the holiday season, the event served as a cosy but nonetheless lively gathering for anime, cosplay and gaming enthusiasts to meet up before heading into the hustle and bustle of the new year. Here are just some of the highlights:

Doujin & Cosplay Booths

KawaiiCon Luxe 1.0 took place on the 3rd and 4th floors of Avenue K, with the 3rd floor being mainly dedicated to a wide variety of vendors’ booths. Visitors could be seen browsing for both fan-made and official merchandise of their favourite fandoms throughout both days of the event.

The 4th floor played host to the stage, as well as a large selection of cosplayers’ booths, where fans had a chance to mingle with and show their support towards some of their favourite cosplay creators.

ASMR Eating Challenge

The first stage event on both days of the event was the ASMR Eating Challenge, a unique twist on a typical eating competition where contestants were tasked with eating as quietly as possible. Participants munched on crackers, ramen, and crisps, while also trying their best to not exceed the noise limit imposed by the organisers.

While it was certainly a tough challenge to beat, six lucky contestants managed to step up to the plate (pun not intended), earning themselves a figurine each from KUJI x Prince in the process.

Cosplay Panel

We managed to get up close and personal with some familiar faces and rising stars in the cosplay community through the cosplay panel sessions, featuring Rin Kizawa and Elyana Sparks on Day 1, and Saakira Izumi and Shioko Kanae on Day 2.

Through the panel sessions, the talented guest cosplayers were able to share some of their insights and experiences with the crowd, and even managed to take a few questions from the floor. It was definitely an insightful session for both new and old cosplayers alike.

Anime & Waifu/Husbando Battle

How far would you go to show your love for a certain anime series or fictional character? The attendees of KawaiiCon Luxe 1.0 were put to the test by being asked to cheer for their favourite anime titles and characters, with the winner being the one that attracted the loudest cheers.

After a series of neck-to-neck battles, Bleach and Marin Kitagawa were declared as the crowd favourites of KawaiiCon Luxe 1.0. Let us know who you’d have cheered for in the comments!

Manekineko Meet & Greet

Beloved karaoke outlet Manekineko’s staff members and mascot took to the stage on Saturday to challenge attendees to a fun game of kendama, a traditional Japanese children’s game where participants had to successfully toss a ball onto the handle of a wooden toy. 

While the Manekineko staff members made it look easy, it was much harder to carry out in practice, as many participants would soon find out. Nonetheless, they were all rewarded for their efforts with special gifts and vouchers, which could be redeemed instantly at Avenue K’s Manekineko outlet.

Singing Competition

KawaiiCon Luxe 1.0’s ended its stage activities with a bang, with a singing competition featuring over fourteen different contestants. Judges Sarah and Samantha were on site to give the contestants their professional opinion and feedback on their performances.

We’d like to give a huge round of applause to Jei Suzuki for managing to walk away with first place, followed by Mitzuri and Yona in second and third place respectively.

Photoshoot Area

Last but certainly not least, Kawaiicon Luxe 1.0 made full use of its scenic venue by allowing cosplayers and event-goers alike to conduct photoshoots at the mall’s open-air rooftop garden. With its lush green fields and clear blue skies, we’re sure that everyone who visited the spot managed to grab some amazing photos throughout their stay at the event.

In short, KawaiiCon Luxe 1.0 was a fun opportunity for the community to get together before the holidays, while also being able to enjoy some unique stage activities and games. 

Did you manage to attend Kawaiicon Luxe 1.0? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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