Our 2022 Game of the Year Picks

With massive delays from 2021 that stretched into 2022 in the gaming world, we have luckily managed to get a very good year in gaming. The pandemic has pushed some big titles due out this year to 2023 and that has resulted in the coming year with a ridiculously stacked gaming calendar. Before you cross that bridge, we take a look at our favourites from this year that have been nominated for Game of the Year.

1. Elden Ring

Boasting fresh and bold mechanics while retaining its Soulslike quality, Elden Ring has perfected the exploration open world RPG genre. Deep lore, immersive combat, clever builds and a variety of enemies litter this game and it really hits different every single time you play it. We expect this to be GOTY but only if the next game doesn’t take it first.

2. God of War Ragnarok

With its unique interpretation of Norse mythology and a solid story featuring a flawed father figure figuring out how to protect his teenage son, God of War Ragnarok does the impossible: be better than its predecessor. The story is the pillar of the game and nothing released this year comes close to this level of narrative brilliance. Combat is weaved with purpose and the world is fluid and organic, feeling alive at every turn. Our pick as GOTY.

3. Xenoblades Chronicles 3

Pushing the limits of the aging and non-modern Switch console is a game that challenges all other Nintendo games to step up their graphics game. Story and combat is engaging despite there being a grind period in the game as required by all JRPGs. It would have been a serious contender had it been released in 2021 but against the titans that are God Of War and Elden Ring, we pick this as our Switch GOTY.

4. Tunic

Tunic is an absolute gem of a game that combines the best of Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls. While those dual inspirations are very weird in one sentence, Tunic blends the elements of each of those games to create a charming game that you can replay over and over again. Our pick for GOTY no matter what gaming hardware you have because it is available on all platforms.

And there you have our top game of the year picks! What are your personal takes? Let us know in the comments!

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