Kizuna Ai Anime “Kizuna no Allele” Reveals New Illustration, Plot Synopsis

If you’re a VTuber fan, chances are you’ve probably heard of Kizuna Ai. Since her debut in 2016, this prolific virtual idol has garnered over 3 million subscribers on her main YouTube channel, “A.I. Channel”, and more than 1.5 million subscribers on her gaming channel “A.I. Games”.

Besides creating content on YouTube and TikTok, she has also ventured into producing music and even anime, with her new anime series “Kizuna no Allele” set to air in 2023. Check out the series’ new illustration and plot synopsis below!


I want to be connected with everyone…

“Miracle” is a girl who has been dreaming of becoming a virtual artist just like Kizuna Ai.

“I will become the person I wish and will deliver a dream and a hope to the world!”

“Miracle” keeps her strong will and starts moving towards a higher place with her friends who share the same passion. Her story begins now…

Be sure to check out Kizuna no Allele’s official website and Twitter account for all the latest updates!

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