Celebrating All Things Otaku at OHTaku! Festival 2023

From the 9th to the 10th of September, THE MAGIC RAIN had the opportunity to attend OHTaku! Festival at Datum Jelatek Shopping Mall. Organised by Grimmauld Marketing, the event served as a two-day celebration of all things anime, cosplay and gaming for everyone who visited the event.

Want to know what went down? Keep reading for all the juicy details!

Art & Cosplay Marketplace

The cosplay and artist’s alleys were one of OHTaku! Festival’s main highlights, packing the second and third floor of the venue with all sorts of fan creations. From artwork and apparel to photobooks and prints, there was certainly something for everyone to be found. Many of the cosplay booths also attracted long queues of fans, each hoping to meet their favourite influencers.

Exhibitors’ Booths

Heading onto the first floor, one would immediately find themselves in the middle of the exhibitors’ booths, with each stall offering a wide variety of official merchandise that anime fans would definitely be eager to get their hands on.

Motorcycle enthusiasts in particular were especially in for a treat, as the Malaysian Itasha Movement (MIM) was present with a display of some of their best itansha, or motorcycles decorated with graphics of various anime and game characters. If they felt particularly inspired, they could even pick up an anime-themed motorcycle helmet from Bimola, one of the event’s exhibitors.


Cosplay competitions are a staple of the ACG event scene, and OHTaku! Festival was no exception. On Day 1, aspiring cosplayers showed us their stuff in the Kids’ Cosplay Competition, while on Day 2, experienced performers took the stage, dazzling the audience in the Cosplay Solo Skit Competition. 

The event also played host to a completely different stage contest – the Evil Laugh Competition, where participants had the chance to flex their acting chops while doing their best impressions of a villainous laugh. It was definitely a fun experience to watch, and we’d love to see similarly unique stage competitions at future events.

Maid Cafe

What do you get when you combine maid cafes with one of the most popular games around? You get Astral Academy, a Honkai Star Rail-inspired maid cafe! Hosted by Macaron Shoujo and Delicieux Coffee & Food, visitors to the cafe could not only enjoy a meal of toast or Japanese curry, but also stood a chance to interact with popular cosplay idols such as Angie0_0, Shine植木姐姐, Momo.xoxo小魔, Cili 小・辣・椒, Eclair-Nyanko Cosplay and Neko Kissy.


Visitors to OHTaku! Festival were kept entertained throughout the weekend by performers such as MayXX Music, Rina-Hime, Nymphie, KING ANGEL, and many more, each showcasing their renditions of popular anime songs and dances. This all culminated in a rave featuring DJ Siren and DJ D3su, with many attendees bringing the event to a close as they danced along to the music.

With many exciting competitions and captivating performances,OHTaku! Festival proved to be a memorable weekend for anime and cosplay enthusiasts. If you missed out, or just can’t get enough of the fun, then be sure to catch Grimmauld Marketing’s next event, AniMania Festival, at 3 Damansara Mall this 14-15 October!

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