AniManGaki 2019: Special Guest Line-Up!

Another year has passed and we are at the forefront of another AniManGaki, but this time with a brand new location. The cast of guests that AniManGaki has summoned this year seems to be impressive enough to catch the hearts of the crowd and also their humanity at the same time. Let’s see what they have in store for us this year!

Special Guest Cosplayer – Saida

Hailing from Korea, Saida is a multi-talented individual who is highly notable for her portrait of several princesses from Disney and The Idolm@ster series. She is also popular for the combination of her versatile yet natural looks and great showmanship. She even has her own YouTube channel, where Saida makes costumes and film several cosplay music videos with her other cosplay friends. This talented Korean cosplayer definitely has much to show!

Special Guest Singer – Kei Takebuchi

As the vocalist of the famous group Goosehouse for 8 years, Kei Takebuchi who has recently debuted as a soloist will be making her first appearance in Malaysia. As a part of Goosehouse, they have appeared on several anime series such as Shigatsu no Uso and Gin no Saji. With her inspiration coming from the likes of Utada Hikaru, Shiina Ringo and Celine Dion, it does seem like they all share a commonality which is a great voice. Catch her live on Day 1, only at AniManGaki!

Special Guest Game Creator – Taura Takahisa & Yoko Taro

Taura Takahisa

Game Designer of Platinum Games and the director of upcoming game, Astral Chain, Taura Takahisa has contributed immensely to the Nier Automata series alongside Yoko Taro. He designed these games in a way that it feels as if the gamer is a part of the game itself. He has also worked on Anarchy Reigns, MadWorld and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance to name a few. Astral Chain is set to release on August 30, 2019.

Yoko Taro

The legend and the enigma himself, Yoko Taro is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed role-playing game series, NieR and Drakengard series. He is a creative game director and writer known for his innovative game design and intricate storytelling. He has also worked on various media such as stage plays and story writing for a manga. Catch him and his quirkiness at AniManGaki 2019!

Touhou NightSKY Concert Guest – Yuuhei Satelite

In collaboration with Malaysia Touhou Brigade, AniManGaki is bringing Yuuhei Satellite, one of Japan’s leading Touhou music groups down to Kuala Lumpur next weekend. Yuuhei Satellite is made up of current members Yuzurisa, Toa and ikuo! Yuzurisa and Toa have been with the group from 2017 while Yuuhei Satellite was formed since 2010. They rose to popularity with their pop vocal arrangements which have been adopted into popular fan-animations featuring game characters! Catch them take center stage on September 1st, Day 2 of AniManGaki 2019!

Other Featured Guests

There are also other featured guests that that will be present during AniManGaki such as Yugana Senshi Uon and Chineko, brought to you by Cos Dreamers Japan. Yugana has been highly rated for her cosplay abilities while Chineko is a rising talent who is all about having fun with her cosplays and enjoying it with her friends. Brought to you by Wonderfly, Rikka Blurhound will also be making her appearance. Rikka is a well-known cosplayer within the local community and has a small international fanbase with her League of Legends cosplay.


With all these awesome guests which we are personally very excited for, this year is going to be very interesting and we expect no less from them. So catch them at AniManGaki 2019 which will be held at Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) from the 31st August to 1st September 2019!

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