AniManGaki 2019 Highlights: Circus Time!

Source: AniManGaki 2019 Official Event Page

Crowned as one of the most anticipated Anime, Comics and Games (ACG) event in Malaysia, AniManGaki is back this 31st August and 1st September to bring some joy in our lives with some circus fun! This time they are bringing their circus to a new location; Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC). What has the circus brought to town, you may wonder? Fret not, as we’ve got your back!

Special Guests

This year’s special guest lineup is not something to laugh at. First and foremost, may gamers, especially those from the Nier fandom, rejoice as your director, Yoko Taro and senior game designer, Taura Takahisa is here to greet you! A fan of J-POP? Well, Kei Takebuchi, one of the founder of Goosehouse is here to perform live! You may know her more as one of the vocalist from the opening of the anime Shigatsu Kimi no Uso.

Not a fan of either? Saida, a Korean cosplayer is here too to grace us with her presence. Known for her versatility to switch from a Disney Princess to a cool chic male character, she is a force to be reckoned with. And of course, we can’t forget our local talents too from cosplayers like Rikka Blurhound, Yugana Senshi Uon, Chineko and Le Josette, as well as artists #kendylife, Nixon Siow and Keith!

For more details, head over to our Special Guests article here!

On-Stage Highlights

AniManGaki Cosplay PvP

Welcome welcome, boys and girls, cosplay competitions have always been a sight to behold – the blood, sweat and tears of the participants all put into one performance on the stage. One thing we can expect from this year’s cosplay competition is that there will be tons of circus acts – magic acts, acrobats, costume change and many more. Look forward to being entertained by our local cosplayers as they challenge each other to win the grand prize!

AniManGaki Idol 2019: 1v1

The stage that has jumpstarted so many local ACG singers is back for the 11th time in 2019 – now with a 1 versus 1 challenge! Being one of the main anchors of AniManGaki and the longest of its kind in our local community, AniManGaki Idol will definitely rise up the heat at the stage area! Be entertained by many of our talented ACG singers!

Stage Performances

You have the newcomers on stage, now here comes the professionals. They are here to hype the stage further for the main events. Be entertained and inspired by the current lineup AniManGaki has to offer! From dance performances like Ookami Ouji, Project Coser and 02 PRO to band performances like The Crestfall Band, 5 Minute Heroes, Ignight and many more! Not forgetting to highlight one of the featured guest performers from Japan, Fleramo (Orion) coming down to Malaysia for the first time just for us!

Off-Stage Highlights

Video Game Arena

Interested in combat games? Infinite Carnage is hosting two tournaments for both Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Tekken 7. Sadly Tekken 7 has already reached maximum capacity but you can still register for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament! Even if you can’t participate, you can still enjoy the action-packed battle played by the registered participants.

For more information, visit Infinite Carnage facebook page!

Plus Maid Cafe

La Petite Fox, Her Majesty’s Mansion, Za Girudo – I’m sure we’re quite familiar with these names within our community. Well now, there is another maid cafe coming into Malaysia; this time from overseas! TUKUYOMI 月讀女僕咖啡 is one of Taiwan’s top maid cafe and they will be serving their best at AniManGaki 2019. Keep in mind that the maid cafe is on a first come first serve basis with limited seats so don’t miss their slots!

For more information, you can visit OtaPlus, the organizers that made this all possible!

Doodle 4 AniManGaki Contest

Find yourself drawing on your textbook or notebook as the lecturer rambles on? Here’s a chance for you to put your daydreaming hobby to good use! Pick up a canvas from the Sakura booth and stand a chance to earn some cool prizes by just doodling! Head over to AniManGaki’s official website for more details on how to participate, both online and offline!

Panels and Workshops

Tired of venturing among the halls? Well, see what panels you can visit to rest your weary legs while learning a thing or two from our guest speakers! You can check out the cosplay prop workshop by Kenjimura and Bibi or even have a laugh or two with the comedic Aqlif Putra in his ‘Kursus Kejayaan E-Gadis’ panel.

There are some rules and regulation attached to panels and signing sessions for Yoko Taro, Taura Takahisa and Kei Takebuchi, so we suggest you head on over here to read more about it so you’re well informed!

And do my ears deceive me when I heard that the cosplay and doujin booth sections are now being separated into TWO ALLEYS? YES THEY ARE! Traffic now should be more easy-going for everyone to have a relaxing time shopping for their favourite art and cosplayer!

With so many different activities and performances in store, AniManGaki is surely taking another huge step into making their event go off with a bang!

THE MAGIC RAIN will also be there as the Official Media Partner and we even have a booth! Come visit us at booth 38 to have another spin at the wheel of trick-or-treat and see what new collaborations we have in store for you that weekend. Hint hint it has something to do with roooaadddsss. We can’t wait to see you all there!

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