3 Reasons Why HeavyArm Is Our First Choice This Christmas

Another year draws to a close and yet again we find ourselves nearing the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas. Yes, the season of giving is back in full swing with plenty of wondrous things out there to empty our wallets on, and with so many new games coming out within the next three months; it’s safe to say the spending won’t stop anytime soon.

“But Santa, where can I get my hands on games for myself and/or my friends?” I hear you exclaim suddenly in the confines of your own mind assuming you still believe in Santa. Fret not dear reader, for one does not need Santa for such recommendations! We at The MAGIC RAIN have the solution to your problem, and that solution is the HeavyArm U-Garage Store.

Located at SS15, these guys won’t need to strong-arm you into getting the good stuff from them. Here are some of the reasons you should put your faith as a gamer in these guys.


1. Great Location

Not everyone owns a car, and even if you did, who wants to risk running into a traffic jam only to find out there’s no parking spots? Well that’s one of the great things about HeavyArm – it’s located near public transport stops! Situated above 7-11 and opposite Hailam Kopitiam, HeavyArm is also a mere 5 minute walk away from the SS15 bus station and LRT station.

Being in the heart of SS15’s central business district also means HeavyArm is smack dab in the middle of various amenities you might need. Hungry after some shopping? There’s food outlets everywhere! Ran outta cash? Major bank outlets within 3 minutes walking distance! All your qualms taken care of; truly it doesn’t get better than this.

Actually, it does.


2. Great Staff Service

Worried you’re not getting the most bang out of your buck? Not sure where to start looking for a game your friend or family member would like? The staff at HeavyArm have got you covered. Whether it be the latest and greatest in gadgets, competitive market prices for games, genre identification, tech specs or the word around town, the guys at this store know their stuff and are ever eager to help you to make sure you make the smartest choice when buying anything from them.

It helps that their demeanour leans more to the jovial, guy-next-door side as well, instead of a salesman who hounds you down for what’s in your wallet.


3. Great Deals

Saving money is part of being a smart consumer and part of that process is always being on the lookout for discounts or deals on things you may want to buy. That mind-set however, may just be your biggest issue when it comes to HeavyArm – because they always have deals. ALL the time.We’re talking keyboards, consoles, gaming chairs, figures and games; every time of the year, there’s always something on sale; and with it being the holiday season now, I’m almost certain there’s a good deal going on now as well.

Bottom line is this: whether you’re looking to buy or just to browse, HeavyArm is the place to be for the latest and greatest in your gaming lifestyle. And hey, they’ve even got their own Facebook page and website if you wanna check them out right now!

You can message HeavyArm U-Garage Store at:
http://heavyarm-asia.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/Heavyarm412/

Or visit them between 11AM-9.30PM at A8, Jalan SS15/8A, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

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