Cosers Confess: Do photogs only care about fame?

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Hellooooo Mrs Scrumptious,

This may seem like a rant instead of a confession, but I dislike how not ALL photographers are willing to take pictures.

What happened was, I came across a renowned photographer few months back, and I really loved his work! I tried to strike a conversation and politely asked if he could take a photo of me. He took his time to take out his camera, and I stood there awkwardly for some time, but finally he snapped some pictures! Delighted, I thanked him and really looked forward to the end results.

But the photos never came. I do wonder if it was rude for me later to ask for my picture, but I did ask nicely. He said “yeah, sure, okay”. Period. No reply from him ever since. I asked his friends who then said he usually does not give out pictures because he was busy, but if he did, it was only to ‘popular’ people. I was flabbergasted and I just couldn’t imagine how there was such people in this community!

Of course, there may be various reasons. He was probably busy, he may have forgotten, or he really didn’t bother because I wasn’t ‘popular’. I could have asked him again, but then again, I may have sounded like a desperate fool. I don’t know where this is going, but yeah these are just my two cents.



Dear Flabbergasted,

Yes, there may be many reasons as to why this renowned photographer may not have given you or posted your picture. Firstly, the photograph taken may not be up to his standards or liking. Also, I know many photographers who would hold back my event photos for months or even forever (even though it looks perfectly fine) just because they feel like it or they’re just busy with other things. You did your part by asking him politely so kudos to you.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one with this problem. Look on the bright side, this is just an event photo. There are instances where cosplayers who make the effort to go for private shoots end up with not even a single photo from their photographer for months, years, and even forever.

There are many photographers like this in the community. Don’t be disheartened! I know it may seem really frustrating but then again there are other good photographers out there who are growing and are more eager and passionate in producing more photos. Try asking for a photo from them the next time. It also helps if you have a coscard so that people can tag you after they post your photo.

It’s always okay to ask the photographer for your picture in a private message. It doesn’t make you look like a desperate fool, okay? It just shows how much you value his work. If anything, the photographer you talked to should feel honoured and proud for having someone like you request a photo from him! Even I’ve done this before and I’ve gotten my event photos from photographers who do not post them.

I think if you want something, just do it. In a community like this, we have to be thick skinned. We’re going to be faced with all sorts of “funny” people as long as we’re here. At the end of the day, if he chooses to ignore you and not give you the photos, I’m pretty sure he has his own reasons. Just move on and be happy! After all, it’s just a photo.

Ms. Scrumptious

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