Pokémon you will want to dress up as this Halloween!

So as we all know, Halloween is nearing and it’s only normal for us cosplayers to have something up our sleeves for this spooky celebration. In case you haven’t decided what or who you will be for Halloween, why not gijinka-fy your favourite Ghost Pokémon? If you aren’t sure what a gijinka is, refer to our previous Cosplay article linked below;

Cosplay: Gijinka Cosplay

Alright, moving on. Here are some suggestions you may want to consider!


This cute floating piece of wood may not look all too intimidating but I’d say it’s perfect if you want to debut a cute gijinka of something that has a dark history. Nothing says “Adorable!” much like the spirits of lost children residing in rotten tree stumps. It has a very simple design so it leaves a lot of space for creativity.


Who would’ve known how scary it would be to come across one of these cute little things! I believe that if you were thinking about having a cospartner on Halloween, Litwick and Phantump would do the trick. Why? Well, Litwick is known to lead those who follow it’s light astray and use their life force as fuel to keep its flame alight. What more if you find a litwick in a forrest?

It’s perfect if you like wearing lighter colours too!


Fond of witches? Well then you’ll love to dress up as this witch or wizard-esque Pokémon. The conical part of its head could perfectly be replaced by a nice pointed hat, if creatively modified of course! Perhaps one could carry a spell book around as a prop as well.


So here we have a fan favourite! If disguises and mystery are your thing, Mimikyu has got you covered. Not only is Mimikyu popular, it’s also terrifying in its own way. The little thing just wants to be loved so show some love for Mimikyu by dressing up as this precious Pokémon on Halloween.


Is there a better way to celebrate Halloween than dressing up as a pumpkin? Yes! Dressing up as a pumpkin Pokémon would be ten times better than just dressing up as a boring old pumpkin. A good idea would be to install functional LED lights within the costume so that you can turn it on as the day gets darker, Jack-o-lanterns are great too after all.

So what are you planning to do for Halloween? Any suggestions you might have to offer? Don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments, we’d love to hear your ideas!

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