Join Us At Our Debut Maid and Butler Event, Her Majesty’s Mansion!

In the 14th century, the mansion of majesty, a house of kind businessmen whom dealt with the Japanese as their primary business partners, gave refuge to a group of fallen angels from Japan. As a token of appreciation, the angels blessed the household with luck as the family ventures into various businesses.

The household’s contribution to the society and their generous amount of donations for the community eventually led them up to grow dear to the royal family. However, the angels could see no freedom, as witch persecutors ran wild, taking any form of magic as witches’ black magic and inflicting pain and bloodshed upon those who dealt in it. In order to keep them safe, the household sealed the angels away in a forbidden part of the mansion, never to be seen again.

Fast forward to the 21st century, the young master of the mansion discovered a hidden part of the mansion as he was playing the garden. Through the bushes that covered the mansion’s thick walls, he walked passed them and entered a velvet red curtain…

“Okaeri, goshuujinsama, ojousama!”

The angelic maids and butlers of Her Majesty’s Mansion would like to invite you to their garden party. Taking place in Avenue K and specially designed by The Good Mixer, the garden will be open from 1PM to 8PM for all lords and ladies to enjoy. Tickets to the party are RM20 each and can be bought online or walk-in. Each ticket comes with a special present from the angels:

  • 1 x packet of homemade cookies
  • 1 x Oishi green tea
  • 1 x Arrow of Fate
  • 1 x Cupid’s Letter
  • 1 x membership card
  • 1 x special gift!

They encourage you to buy your ticket online HERE, so you can enter the garden at 12PM instead of 1PM. The angels really want to spend more time with you, so will you consider it?

The angels will also be selling limited-edition merchandise that you can bring home to keep the memory in your hearts. There will be badges, polaroids, and a special bundle of a photo book and the complete photo set for RM70! You’ll definitely want to arrive early while stocks last!

After your time is up at the garden, the maids and butlers suggest you join the rest of the festivities at Cosplay Commuter! They believe their lords and ladies will have a good time with everything their friends have put together for the rest of the event. And after that, maybe you can join them for Round 2?

“Arigatou gozaimasu, goshuujinsama, ojousama!”

For more information, please follow Her Majesty’s Mansion on Facebook:

To find out more about the creative minds behind the interior design, find The Good Mixer on Facebook:

For the rest of the activities at Cosplay Commuter, check out The Magic Rain’s page on Facebook:

If you have more questions, please leave a comment for our maids and butlers below!

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