Entering the Extraordinary World of BJDs @ AniManGaki 2022

On the 27th and 28th of August, THE MAGIC RAIN had the opportunity to attend AniManGaki 2022, one of the most highly anticipated anime, cosplay and gaming (ACG) events of the year. Among the many highlights of the event were panel sessions and workshops held by key figures in the ACG community.

One such panel was “MYDoll: Welcome to the Extraordinary World of BJDs”. Organized by MYDoll, the panel gave newcomers and seasoned veterans alike a glimpse into the Malaysian ball-jointed doll (BJD) scene.

The panel was moderated by Rosalyn of Rosalyn’s Chateau, a licensed reseller of LUTS dolls in Malaysia. Rosalyn began the session with a brief overview of BJDs and the various manufacturers, sizes and designs that new owners could choose from when selecting their first doll. 

She explained that while collecting BJDs might seem intimidating due to the high costs involved, there are many ways for fans to save money while still enjoying the hobby, which led us neatly into the next segment of the panel.

Up next was Jin from Chromadose Aesthetics, a doll customizer who has been active in the BJD community for the last 9 years. Jin broke down the various steps involved in doll repainting or “faceups”, including sharing tips on how fans could create amazing works of art while keeping costs down by using common household items and craft supplies.

The next segment introduced us to Ainz of local BJD brands Ayumu Doll and Kucing Boleh Shop. Ainz explained how collectors could save further by creating their own clothes, wigs, accessories and even furniture for their dolls. She also shared a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating your own dolls from scratch.

The last section of the panel came from Wahidah, the founder and event organizer behind MYDoll. She shared a few details about MYDoll’s upcoming event, the MYDoll Annual Gathering Party at The Lot KL Event Space in Sentul, and expressed her wishes to see the community grow even further in the years to come.

Finally, the panel came to an end with a closing statement from moderator Rosalyn, and a group photo with the panel attendees, some of whom had even brought along their own dolls for the session. While the panel’s Q&A session unfortunately had to be cut short due to time constraints, fans were invited to chat with the panelists at MYDoll’s event booth, located in AniManGaki’s Community area.

All in all, the panel was an enjoyable and informative session that definitely opened our eyes to the world of BJDs. We’d like to give a huge shout-out to MYDoll for organizing the session, as well as AniManGaki for creating an avenue for smaller ACG niches to share their passions with the wider community.

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