What Does The Community Have To Say? – Cosplay Commuter at TAGCC 2019

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Trick or treat! Nah, there is no trick this time. It’s a full-on treat from us at THE MAGIC RAIN. With our last roadshow at TAGCC, we prepared tonnes of treats for the attendees, from simple sweets to exciting free-to-play at our booth.

Together with our comrades Ministry of Hobbies, GamesFusion, and Meeples, we brought multiple games to the table from traditional board games to console games for all to enjoy. We even hosted our very first Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament together with OffStageMY!

Our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament that we organised together with OffStageMY and GamesFusion
Trading card game players at the Ministry of Hobbies corner
Attendees learning how to play Azul at the Meeples corner

While that is exciting, we can’t forget that we also marked the beginning of our Cosplay Commuter ride! Our mascot Kiko upgraded to zombie form and we also brought our horror spirit to the next level with a Trick or Treat wheel!

Attendees spinning the Kiko trick or treat wheel at our booth
Attendees reading other people’s answers left at our booth

With each spin we’ve gotten some good insights from our fellow ACG (Animation, Comics, and Gaming) friends to hear what boggles their mind, what gives them strength, and their thoughts about the community. Let’s hear what they have to say, shall we?  

What gives you the strength to face your fears?

  • Determination and the will to persevere and move on even though the burden behind you weighs of mountains
  • The will to never give up. Sounds cliché-d but to face my feat, I look forward on what I can get after facing it
  • The knowledge that pain is temporary and that tomorrow is a whole new set of things. Without facing one’s fears, one cannot change to become better

What are your thoughts on the ACG community in Malaysia?

  • I would appreciate if there’s more appreciation for niche communities by supporting them! It may not be grand, but it is the heart that counts!
  • There’s many different types of people in the community. I’ve met a lot of them. Examples: Toxic people, backstabbers, two faced demons but in the end. I kicked them out of my life.
  • Everyone seems to be in competition with someone else. There are so many instances of body policing, shaming of cosplayers by not knowing 100% of the character they cosplay and body shaming of female cosplayers. When did this community become so toxic? Didn’t this used to be a safe haven for us who didn’t fit anywhere else? We’re all mad here, we should learn to accept each other and help each other

Write a message to somebody important in your life

  • Thank you for being a beacon in my life, for being my motivation to keep growing, for being my anchor onto reality
  • To all event volunteers, your job may seem small and tiring. But trust that your efforts contribute to all con goer’s happiness.

What is your biggest dream?

  • To be the best animator in Malaysia!
  • To make a name for myself in the art community!

Who is your ACG role model?

  • My ACG role model Ying Tze <3 because she is nice to her fans, talented, pretty, friendly and is my inspiration.
  • My ACG role model is Ai Nurul. She’s the kindest person and a bit crazy on the inside. But still, I love her cosplay so much!!

With freeplay, our mini tournaments, our supportive partners, and all the love and positive vibes we have gotten from all of you, our time at TAGCC was an amazing one. Hope to see more of all of you at our upcoming events!

Missed us? Don’t worry! You will be seeing more of Zombie Kiko at upcoming events. Find out our next stop by following us on Facebook & Instagram!

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