Kaja the Leader of The Nazar – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

A few weeks after the release of Chang E, Moonton introduced another new hero which is Kaja. Kaja is a support/tank hero known for his tankiness despite being a support hero. Most of his skills are most likely to secure an enemy kill.

Kaja’s Prologue

Celestial Palace is the home for all the best angels, and there exists a strong troop which is known as the Nazar. Every single monster who tries to attack them will be killed by their whips which has the ability to disable any type of magic. For a long time, the Celestial Palace lived in peace under the protection of the Nazar. As the Captain of the troop, Kaja has the ability to manipulate electric and use it as he likes.

After a few decades, the angels have successfully built the city and so they leave the place. Celestial Palace fell after the Nazar no longer defended it and in the same place, Uranus was revived. The kings of Celestial Palace then commanded the Nazar including Kaja to kill all the monsters, and at the same time, build the Celestial Palace again.

Kaja’s Skills

Eye of The Storm (Passive Skill)

Kaja’s passive gives Kaja 50% movement speed when he’s attacked by the enemy. However, the movement speed boost will slowly decrease over time.


Ring of Order

For his first skill, Kaja releases a Ringed Electric Blade that quickly expands and contracts. Any enemy target in contact with it will receive 180 (+20% total magic power) points of magic damage and experience a temporary speed reduction of 30%. When the Electric hits the enemy target, Kaja will unleash a bolt of lighting that deals 140(+20% total magic power) points of Magic damage to the nearest enemy target every 0.6 seconds. Damage gradually increases when the bolt of lightening continuously hits the same target.

Source : https://games.lol/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/mobile-legends-bang-bang-kaja-hero-ring-of-order.png

Gale Force

Kaja charges in a specified direction and gives 260(+80% total magic power) magic damage to any enemy that gets hit. When encountering a friendly hero along the way, he moves again in their movement direction and provides himself and friendly heroes with a shield that adds 8% of max HP while granting 10% additional movement speed.

Source : https://www.teknosaurus.com/2018/04/27/preview-hero-kaja-mobile-legends/

Divine Judgement

Kaja pulls and suppressed a target enemy hero. Deals 360(+120% total magic power) points of magic damage for 2 seconds. During that time, the enemy’s hero magic resistance is reduced by 15 while Kaja absorbs 2 times of the target enemy hero’s lost magical resistance.

Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQqzUfD8F2g

People says that Kaja is a copy from DoTA 2 heroes, which are Razor and Batrider as Kaja’s 1st skill is similar to Razor’s 1st skill and his Ultimate is similar to Batrider’s Ultimate skill. However, I think that Kaja has his own speciality that makes him different from these two heroes as the two were known to be the nuker/carry type but Kaja is a tank and support type which can only help his team to kill the enemy as he doesn’t have the damage to do so.

Do you think Kaja is worth buying? What is his unique ability that makes you go “WOW”? Do share with us in the comments below!

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